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Resistance Fighters

Michael Wech, 99 min

Germany, 2019

Resistance Fighters

Public health, ethics and big business in a thriller about resistant bacteria - the tiny killers that could have major consequences.

Every year, over 700,000 people die world-wide from multi-resistant bacteria, which are immune to antibiotics. And that figure could increase in future, with bacteria potentially being the greatest cause of death globally in 2050. 'Resistance Fighters' puts the tiny killers under the microscope and looks at how it could all go so wrong. The result is a thriller about stupidity and short-sighted greed, but also about disillusioned doctors, rebellious scientists, dying patients and diplomats who are fighting against time to find a global solution - all on a battlefield of conflicting interests. The microbes are in focus, but we also see a pattern of how big business, ethics and public health are connected in the world of today and not least the future. For when almost one hundred percent of new-born children in New Delhi already have traces of resistant bacteria, it is a wake-up call for ourselves and a look in the crystal ball, which shows us the bleak international outlook we are facing if science and business don't find each other soon.

Director: Michael Wech
Original Title: Resistance Fighters: The Global Antibiotics Crisis
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Running time: 99 min
Category: Science
Tags: Thriller Biology&Nature
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Producer: Leopold Hoesch
Production Company: Broadview, ZDF
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