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True Stories

David Byrne, 89 min

United States, 1986

True Stories

David Byrne on an excursion as the ultimate gentleman tourist in smalltown America. Shown in a newly restored version full of songs from the eponymous Talking Heads album.

While autofiction is a notoriously introverted genre, David Byrne's newly restored cult classic 'True Stories' is the exact opposite. Here, the whole world is reflected in the Talking Heads frontman's generous and forever curious world view. Or at least his view of the American part of the world that consists of pastel-coloured single-family houses and endless shopping malls! Byrne was inspired by tabloid headlines for his first and only film as a director, and he plays himself in the role of a curious tourist, who visits the small homes in the fictional Texan town of Virgil, and introduces us to its colourful inhabitants, which include the world's laziest woman and a wonderful John Goodman. Everything breathes hyper-realistic and hyper-capitalist idyl, and the film is full of scenes such as an alternative fashion show, a parade of lawnmowers and a talent contest where the town's inhabitants lip-synch the hit 'Wild Wild Life'. The film is shown in a newly restored version, which is still full of songs from the eponymous Talking Heads album.

Director: David Byrne
Original Title: True Stories
Country: United States
Year: 1986
Running time: 89 min
Category: Art
Tags: MusicFilms AutoFiction
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Production Company: Warner Bros.
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