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Anna Eborn, 95 min

Sweden, 2019


Young Tanya is the boss of a group of teenage boys in Anna Eborn's beautiful youth film from a forgotten corner of the world.

It is summer, time stands still and one can have as much fun as one can create for oneself. The young Tanya drifts around with her friends, a bunch of restless teenage boys, to kill time. But even though the air is filled with testosterone, it is Tanya who is the boss. Without it being said too loudly, one senses that they all have a bit of a crush on her - and who wouldn't? The charismatic young woman handles the herd with a firm but loving hand. Abandoned ruins and lush forests are a collective sanctuary in Anna Eborn's impressionist group portrait from a forgotten corner of the world. If you can't exactly place Transnistria on the world map, you're probably not the only one. A time-warp and former Soviet satellite state, sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine, which with its almost half a million inhabitants has declared national independence and continued loyalty to communism. The area is just not recognised as a country by the international community, and the prospects are not promising. The perfect setting for an almost perfect youth film.

Director: Anna Eborn
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Running time: 95 min
Category: Art
Tags: YouthClub Summertime Feminism
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Producer: David Herdies, Michael Krotkiewski
Production Company: Momento Film
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