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Silicium: 'Primordial' (Bjørn Svin vs. Carl Emil Carlsen)

45 min


Silicium: 'Primordial' (Bjørn Svin vs. Carl Emil Carlsen)

Experience the electronic legend Bjørn Svin and the visual artist Carl Emil Carlsen's latest collaboration in the sofa cinema at Charlottenborg.

Between 2015 and 2018, the artist duo Silicium, which consists of Bjørn 'Svin' Christiansen and Carl Emil Carlsen, has made four works in co-production with Kulturværftet and Click Festival Helsingør, the latest of which was also performed at Ars Electronica in Linz. This year, we are looking forward to presenting their latest audiovisual concert, 'Primordial', which will premiere at our sofa cinema at Kunsthal Charlottenborg! Here, they will evoke a surreal nature-musical experience, where synthetic graphics and music live in organic interaction. 'A digital life form is hatched and goes through different expressions in a continuous transformation, which invites the audience to a devoted and concentrated transcendence. The concert is created as a responsive interaction between musicians, the animator and simulation, where the origin of the initiative is in constant flux between them,' says Silicium.

Country: Denmark
Running time: 45 min
Category: Concerts
Tags: Concerts