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The Tale

Jennifer Fox, 114 min

United States, Canada, Germany, 2018

The Tale

Laura Dern plays Jennifer Fox in a harrowing and honest film about abuse, which puts the #metoo conversation in a new and reflective framework.

'The Tale' has an aim. It is an emotionally shattering and outstandingly told film about a successful documentary filmmaker, who is forced to rethink the relationship she had as a 13-year-old with her riding teacher. But this is more than just a tale, as it is the director Jennifer Fox's own story. In the film, Laura Dern plays Jennifer, and when she travels back and seeks out her teachers and the witnesses of the abuses she suffered in her childhood, it is exactly the same as the director did when she wrote the screenplay for 'The Tale'. The film convincingly edits the young 13-year-old Jennifer's experiences together with the adult Jennifer's thoughts. While Fox in this way exams the possibilities of fiction to describe an intangible truth, it has been important for her to put her own name to the story to make her audience aware of the fact that sexual assaults actually happen. And to show how complex crimes against children can be - and get us to talk about them. Now, she is visiting CPH:DOX to have this conversation.

Director: Jennifer Fox
Country: United States, Canada, Germany
Year: 2018
Running time: 114 min
Dialogue: English
Category: Fiction
Tags: MeToo
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Script: Jennifer Fox
Producer: Lawrence Inglee, Sol Bondy, Jamila Wenske, Marc Almon, Jennifer Fox
Production Company: Blackbird Films, Story Engine Pictures, A Luminous Mind Productions
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