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Midnight Family

Luke Lorentzen, 81 min

Mexico, United States, 2019

Midnight Family

A gripping and black-humoured adrenaline rush, where the antiheroes of everyday life must rise to the occasion, when a whole system collapses in a megapolis.

Nine million people live in Mexico City, and they have to share 45 ambulances. A new industry of private ambulances has sprung up, and they race each other through the chaotic streets to be the first to arrive when an accident occurs. One of them belongs to the Ochoa family. With 17-year-old Juan behind the wheel, they try to save lives and earn some pesos in the process, as long as their patients survive the trip and are willing to pay for it. A gripping and dark-humoured adrenaline rush of a film about how the antiheroes of everyday life must rise to the occasion, when an entire system of a megapolis collapses. The young documentary filmmaker Luke Lorentzen is on the passenger seat when the rolling emergency room drives off night after night. With a unique mix of overview and respect for the injured, he manages to capture the smallest details of the drama. Details that come together in a sensory study of a systemic disaster, in all its tragic wholeness. Not even the Ochoa family itself is beyond this disaster. Corruption, chaos and the heavy burden of responsibility wear out both the father and his sons. And after 'Midnight Family' you almost feel that you know them personally.

Director: Luke Lorentzen
Country: Mexico, United States
Year: 2019
Running time: 81 min
Category: Politics
Tags: Health
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Producer: Luke Lorentzen, Elena Fortes Acosta, Kellen Quinn, Daniela Alatorre
Production Company: Hedgehog, No ficcion
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