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easy love

Tamer Jandali, 89 min

Germany, 2019

easy love

There are no taboos when seven women and men let us into their (sex) lives in a hybrid film about love and quick fucks.

Seven women and men between the ages of 25 and 45 take part in a provocative and sexy film, which positions itself between a social experiment, hedonistic excess and psychological study. And also between fiction and documentary, but that can hardly be any different when the subject is love. We are introduced to the seven participants and follow them (and their partners) separately through the restless nights, existential considerations and sexual escapades that are performed without filters. Tamar Jandali's debut film is a hedonistic experience, where the deeper meaning - as Oscar Wilde would have said - is on the surface itself. Or is it? Jandali's own background as an artist shines through in his first long work. A modern film about modern life in the big cities of the West, where things on the other hand still are as they always have been when it comes to finding the balance between love, sex and the obligations of a relationship.

Director: Tamer Jandali
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Running time: 89 min
Category: Hits
Tags: Love Hybrid Erotic Sexuality Gender
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Producer: Lino Rettinger
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