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The Biggest Little Farm

John Chester, 91 min

United States, 2018

The Biggest Little Farm

Seven years on a self-sustained farm in California. Documented by the two idealistic famers themselves, with love for earth and the environment.

John and Molly Chester are hardly the first couple to embark on the dream of living self-sufficiently and in harmony with nature. But they may be the first people who, by sticking to it so stubbornly, have succeeded to such an extent - and have managed to document the entire process along the way. John Chester, who himself is a documentary filmmaker and nature photographer, has over the course of seven years filmed the couple's incredible work in transforming the barren Californian desert soil into a lush plantation with a flora and fauna that is so alive, that you hardly believe your own eyes. For seven years, the couple has experienced everything from prairie wolf attacks and insect swarms to forest fires and animal diseases. But thanks to the expertise of the agricultural guru Alan York, the couple stays away from pesticides and firearms, and instead relies on the logic of biodiversity. Everything has a function, and nature will adjust itself without our intervention. 'The Biggest Little Farm' is the dream of a life in harmony with nature, which actually succeeds. Of course, it requires blood, sweat and tears, but here there is hope for a sustainable world.

Director: John Chester
Country: United States
Year: 2018
Running time: 91 min
Series: CHANGE
Category: Hits
Tags: Sustainability Organic&Natural
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Producer: Sandra Keats
Production Company: FarmLore Films
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