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Our Time

Carlos Reygadas, 173 min

Mexico, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, 2018

Our Time

An almost cosmic triangle drama in the monumental Western format, with the Mexican director Carlos Reygadas in front of and behind the camera.

You cannot accuse the Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas for lack of ambition. His latest film is a visionary accomplishment of the very large scale, which seems to capture the entire world in its almost cosmic totality. But both the effort and the risk are higher than ever before. Reygadas and his wife Natalia both perform in the main roles as the married couple who agreed to live in an open relationship, but who are having a hard time balancing the consequences of their decision when she embarks on a passionate, sexual relationship with an assistant of the farm they live on. And with a running time of three tightly packed hours, the complexity of the triangle drama makes both time and space unfold in all its psychological and physical might. The almost corporeal materiality of Carlos Reygadas is reflected in the surroundings. From the magnificent Mexican landscapes, where the local teenagers smoke themselves high and hang out, to the violent fights of bulls in the mist and straying dogs. Epic like a metaphysical western, but intimate like a chamber piece.

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Country: Mexico, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark
Year: 2018
Running time: 173 min
Category: Fiction
Tags: Family Romantic
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Producer: Jaime Romandia, Carlos Reygadas
Production Company: Mantarraya Producciones, NoDream Cinema
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