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Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere to Hide

Zaradasht Ahmed, 85 min

Sweden, Norway, 2016

Nowhere to Hide

An Iraqi doctor's courageous fight against the chaos of war - filmed over five years by himself.

When the Americans leave Iraq in 2011, the director Zaradasht Ahmed gives a camera to the male nurse Nori Sharif, and asks him to document life in one of the world's most dangerous and inaccessible areas – the Triangle of Death in central Iraq. Over the course of five years, Nori documents life during the war from his hospital in Jalawla. As the days progress, the conflicts proliferate, and new lives are destroyed every day by attacks on the civilian population. The threat level rises, and when militants succeed in pushing back the Iraqi army in 2013, the population and a majority of the hospital staff flee. Nori Sharif is one of only few who remain. When IS finally captures Jalawla in 2014, Nori continues filming – but in the end he is also forced to flee to protect himself and his family.


Date Time Location

Mon. 20/03


Grand Teatret
Q&A with director + talk


Sun. 26/03


Nordisk Film Palads


Director: Zaradasht Ahmed
Original Title: Nowhere to Hide
Country: Sweden, Norway
Year: 2016
Running time: 85 min
Tags: Top Dox Politics
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Producer: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas
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