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Khartoum Offside

Marwa Zein, 75 min

Sudan, Norway, Denmark, 2019

Khartoum Offside

Filmmaking and football are both prohibited for Sudan's women. Welcome to a wonderful film about female football players  directed by a woman.

Under the current law in Sudan, women are not allowed to play football, and they are not allowed to direct films. Therefore, 'Khartoum Offside', which is directed by Sudanese filmmaker Marwa Zein, should not exist at all. But fortunately, it does, and it is just as truthful as it is forbidden. Zein follows a group of women in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, for several years, while they fight for the right to play football and dream about international leagues and a place on a yet-to-be-established Sudanese national team. But it's a long way to go when the football federation doesn't even want to allow shorts on the pitch, and when the country's Islamist military government and many of the men around them deny the women the right to play football. But ignited by the indomitable Sarah, who knows that she has international law on her side, the women stick together and continue their fight to put on their training gear and play football.

Director: Marwa Zein
Country: Sudan, Norway, Denmark
Year: 2019
Running time: 75 min
Series: CHANGE
Category: Hits
Tags: Feminism Sport Gender Rebellion
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Producer: Marwa Zein, Co-producer: Henrik Underbjerg
Production Company: Ore Productions, Stray Dogs
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