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Three Identical Strangers

Tim Wardle, 96 min

United States, 2018

Three Identical Strangers

The incredible story about triplets that were separated at birth and met each other by coincidence - and that is only the beginning.

Reality surpasses even the wildest fiction in the incredible story about the three identical triplets David, Robert and Eddy, who after birth are given away for adoption to different families. Completely ignorant of one another's existence, until they randomly meet 19 years later and turn out to look exactly like and behave like each other. That was in 1980s New York. The triplets became media stars, took part in films and even opened their own nightclub. In an entertaining mix of interviews, archive footage and reconstructions, the director Tim Wardle portrays the small triumph of nature over nurture. But as he begins to scratch under the surface of the trinity, the questions start tumbling out, and soon the film develops into an anthropological detective story with undertones of Josef Mengele. But we will not give away more here. Wardle has spent five years pursuing the story of the triplets, after other directors had given up, and the result is a heartbreaking and nail-biting docu-thriller, which surprises us to the very end.

Director: Tim Wardle
Country: United States
Year: 2018
Running time: 96 min
Category: Hits
Tags: StrangerThanFiction FestivalHits
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Producer: Becky Read, Grace Hughes-Hallett
Production Company: RAW
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