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Berlin Bouncer

David Dietl, 87 min


Berlin Bouncer

Berlin's wild nightlife is woven together with the city's turbulent history, told here by three of its charismatic bouncers - and yes, Sven from Berghain is one of them!

In Berlin, going out is an art form, and it is the doormen who curate your evening. The city would not be the same without clubs like Berghain, and in 'Berlin Bouncer' three of the city's charismatic bouncers don't just talk about who gets in and why. Frank, Smiley and the tattooed Berghain legend Sven Marquadt also tell the story of how Berlin became the world's party capital in the 1990s. From the fall of the wall via the early days of techno to today, where the now adult men have developed their own philosophy of life based on many years of waking nights. Like Andy Warhol would have said: 'Don't go out to have fun, go out to BE fun!' And you really feel like doing just that when you have seen David Dietl's film, which of course comes fresh from the afterparty at the Berlin Film Festival. But just as the standards at the clubs are high, it is also a film that seriously and reliably introduces us to the codes of an otherwise closed world.

Director: David Dietl
Original Title: Berlin Bouncer
Country: Germany
Running time: 87 min
Category: Hits
Tags: CityLife
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Producer: Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler
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