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A Stranger

Mikel Cee Karlsson, 99 min

Sweden, 2019

A Stranger

A death, an armed robbery and a dark secret. An unusual story in a highly unusual - and profoundly personal - form.

His best friend kept a dark secret that he couldn't share with anyone. When the Swedish filmmaker Mikel Cee Karlsson finally hears about it, it turns out to be at the very last moment. What happened gradually becomes clear as 'A Stranger' lays down the pieces of its complex puzzle of true crime, personal tragedy and meta-cinematic narrative forms. Mikel was already in the process of making a film about his now deceased friend, and in the intense tension between present and past, we become witnesses to the scenes that led up to his tragic death - and subsequently Mikel's attempts to understand it through a cinematic experiment, which after all its unexpected dramatic twists finally was made into a film. It's just a completely different film than he had ever imagined. And it starts with a bank robbery. We won't reveal more here, but Cee Karlsson has definitely given his unusual story a highly unusual and deeply personal form.

Director: Mikel Cee Karlsson
Original Title: Fraemling
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Running time: 99 min
Category: Dox:Award
Tags: Personal DetectiveStory Crime
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Producer: Erik Hemmendorff
Production Company: Plattform Produktion
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