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John Skoog, 71 min

Sweden, 2019


Everything comes ot life in twilight in a supernaturally beautiful hybrid film from the Swedish summer, which looks like nothing else.

The Swedish summer is the true protagonist of the enigmatic 'Ridge', where every single one of the beautiful and sensual images is imbued with an inner life. Polish rural workers arrive by ferry to Sweden to work on the farms. The locals celebrate the harvest long into the night, and the youngsters have drinking rituals in the forests. The summer sun casts long shadows, and in the twilight everything comes to life. A unique work born in the triangle between visual art, abstract fiction and documentary materiality from northern Skåne, where the director and artist John Skoog himself grew up. A few of the characters are actors, the rest are all amateurs, family members and locals. However, artificial drama is not allowed to dominate Skoog's film, which - on the contrary - can be seen as an ambitious and incredibly successful experiment in sculpting an audiovisual work from the raw materials of the world, without compromising either its social or location-specific integrity. Skoog has previously shown a number of short conceptual works at CPH:DOX and 'Ridge' is his first feature.

Director: John Skoog
Original Title: Ridge
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Running time: 71 min
Category: Dox:Award
Tags: Cinematic Hybrid ArtistFilm
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Producer: Erik Hemmendorff, John Skoog
Production Company: Plattform Produktion
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