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Gorav Kalyan, Rohan Kalyan, 84 min

United States, France, 2018


A philosophical portrait of France's great thinker, who has dedicated his life to building bridges between thought and action, the political and our community.

Nietzsche wrote that all philosophy is a biography of the thinker. Alain Badiou's life suggests that the opposite can also be the case. From his birth in Morocco to May 1968, and to his late work as a nomadic intellectual at the stormy centre of public attention, his life in itself is a complex and thought-provoking opus. As one of Europe's greatest living thinkers, the 82-year-old Badiou has dedicated large parts of his life to building bridges between thought and action, with a glowing political engagement. Life and thinking both get a place in a film that wedges itself into the current conversation about the future of our community at a critical point in time. The directors (and brothers) Gorav and Rohan Kalyan's portrait of Badiou is also a journey through the 20th century's upheavals, both philosophical as well as cultural. The fact that the 21st century does not look like it will be any less turbulent merely makes Badiou's thoughts and work all the more relevant and urgent.

Director: Gorav Kalyan, Rohan Kalyan
Country: United States, France
Year: 2018
Running time: 84 min
Dialogue: English, French
Series: EUROPE
Category: Politics
Tags: Masterminds Philosophy Europe
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Producer: Rohan Kalyan, Jason Adams
Production Company: Nonetheless Productions
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