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The Hottest August

Brett Story, 95 min

United States, Canada, 2019

The Hottest August

New York City, the summer of 2017: a heat wave, racism and violent weather - what does our present says about the future we are heading towards?

Like an anthropologist from a near future, the documentary filmmaker Brett Story has gone to the world's capital, New York City, to feel the spirit of the times. It's August, the heat wave is raging, and in Charlottesville, neo-Nazis are praising the country's new president. There is turmoil in the air. On the street and on the beach, she meets the notoriously talkative New Yorkers to hear what they themselves are thinking. Methodical order and improvising social skills go hand in hand in Brett Story's urban time capsule of a film about the generation that once and for all should have taken a stand on climate change. Brett Story has previously charted the complex connections between conflicting interests in modern America in 'The Prison in 12 Landscapes' (2016). Her practice as a filmmaker is theoretically rooted in both art and social studies. 'The Hottest August' is therefore both an open film and a systematic piece of research from one of today's (and hopefully the future's) most interesting emerging directors. 

Director: Brett Story
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 2019
Running time: 95 min
Category: Art
Tags: Ethnography Klima
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Producer: Danielle Varga, Brett Story
Production Company: Walking Productions, Oh Ratface Films
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