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Resurrecting Hassan

Carlo Guillermo Proto, 100 min

Canada, Chile, 2016

Resurrecting Hassan

A beautiful, sensitive and very special film about a blind family in Montreal who have lost their son but find solace in occult mysticism.

The loss of their son Hassan, who drowned when he was seven, has left the Harting family with a deep loss, which the father and his wife Peggy are trying to alleviate by trying to contact him in the afterlife through an occult and esoteric mysticism. Denis, Peggy and their daughter Lauviah are blind and live off singing in Montreal's subway - and their both loving and devoted, but also conflict-ridden relationship to each other is marked by the loss of their son, whose eyesight was intact. And it gradually dawns on Denis that Peggy has her own personal reasons to reach out to the world of the occult through the Russian mystic Grigory Grabovoy's obscure teachings. The Canadian filmmaker Carlo Guillermo Proto has made a sensitive and extraordinary film about an equally unusual family. 'Resurrecting Hassan' is conscious of the privilege of being able to see, but also of the responsibility it has to portray both the light and dark nuances in the Harting family's moving battle on its own terms.

Director: Carlo Guillermo Proto
Original Title: Resurrecting Hassan
Country: Canada, Chile
Year: 2016
Running time: 100 min
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Producer: Carlo Guillermo Proto
World Sales: Cinephil
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