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Democracy LTD

Robert Schabus, 87 min

Austria, France, United Kingdom, 2019

Democracy LTD

A thorough snapshot of Europe in the year 2019, where trust in the community is being eroded, and where the masses have become unpredictable.

The crisis of democracy and the erosion of social cohesion are phenomena that give rise to headlines. Here is the film that summarises the state of Europe in 2019. From the comeback of nationalism to the Yellow Vests, and from the relocation of workplaces to the where they are relocated, in Eastern Europe. We hear both sides in a thorough, engaging and ultimately democratic film, which cuts from country to country, and from one point of view to another and on to a third. Dissatisfaction is growing, but we become much wiser about the conflicts of interest when we listen to the people themselves. This is precisely what the Austrian director Robert Schabus does in 'Democracy LTD', which opens this year's major Europe theme at CPH:DOX. Here, the Europeans who otherwise make up the grey masses of statistics are themselves allowed to speak. And it is high time for them to be heard, as powerlessness comes in many forms. Brexit and right-wing populism are just two of the most spectacular manifestations. The large masses have become unpredictable again, maybe because they are not masses, but individuals, who are all struggling to make ends meet.

Director: Robert Schabus
Country: Austria, France, United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Running time: 87 min
Category: Politics
Tags: Democracy Europe
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Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production Company: Allegro FilmproduktionsgesmbH
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