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Towards the Sun

Nour Ouayda, 17 min

Lebanon, 2019

Towards the Sun

An audio guide with fading authority and growing interpretative autonomy takes us around the National Museum in Beirut.

It is the museum itself that is the object of our visit to the National Museum in Beirut. Nour Ouayda's analogue video work is a reflection of the actual museum practice, through an audio guide that has a decreasing level of authority, but an increasing degree of interpretative and imaginative autonomy. A paradox that quickly becomes the institution's paradox. We listen attentively, as the camera scans the historical artefacts of the exhibition - statues and stone figures - with a tactile sensuality, which becomes increasingly abstract in the zoom of the grainy images. We learn that the objects were walled in behind protective layers of cement during the war, and we find out that several of them suffered minor damages when they had to be excavated a second time. A double archaeology, which leaves its own set of indexical tracks, which Ouayda's audio guide invites us to decode. 'Towards the Sun' is a work whose conceptual simplicity generates an immense complexity in its deeply original reflection on the museum's own significance in its Lebanese context. Screening with 'So Dear, So Lovely' and 'All That Perishes at the Edge of Land'.

Director: Nour Ouayda
Original Title: Towards the Sun
Country: Lebanon
Year: 2019
Running time: 17 min
Dialogue: Arabic
Category: Art
Tags: ArtistFilm
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Producer: Nour Ouayda
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