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Ezekiel Morgan, 13 min

Germany, 2019

An octopus, a washing machine, a hacked 360 degree camera, and a subsonic noise film on an intergalactic scale.

A dead octopus in a washing machine, shot with a hacked 360-degree camera and manipulated by algorithms to an abstract pixel cosmos, which seems to depict something incomprehensibly large, or maybe something incredibly small. In any case, we are witnessing a transformation process beyond any scale, which transcends biology and machine. Ezekiel Morgan's unnamed film is a high-tech attempt to define an absolute zero of both representation and meaning, but with surgical precision. The sound is almost subsonic, and seems to have a causal influence on how the abstract and viscous masses of pixels move around on the fringe of the great void. Morgan's work elevates the possibilities of noise film to a new level - or maybe it lowers them to new and unknown depths? The cinema auditorium will never feel the same after this one.

Director: Ezekiel Morgan
Original Title:
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Running time: 13 min
Dialogue: No Dialogue
Category: Art
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Producer: Ezekiel Morgan
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