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The Act of Becoming

The Act of Becoming

Jennifer Anderson & Vernon Lott, 61 min.

USA, 2015

The Act of Becoming

The story of John Williams's rediscovered masterpiece of a novel that stunned the whole world – 50 years after being written.

How can a novel about a mediocre man's ordinary life lie hidden away in American universities in a few, dusty copies, only to be hailed as one of the best contemporary novels 50 years later? The story of John Williams' rediscovered book 'Stoner' is itself worthy of a novel, and is presented by some of the people we can thank for getting to know the work today. Critical writers, who are linguistically conscious to a degree where it is a pleasure to listen to their choice of words, as they initiate us into what 'Stoner' meant to them. 'The Act of Becoming' is a sensual introduction to a work that you subsequently have to read or re-read, when critics such as Morris Dickstein and Edwin Frank, authors such as Anna Gavalda and Colum McCann, are given the time not just to praise, but also to try to explain why 'Stoner' could lie untouched for so long. Especially after Williams's description of love, which according to Stoner himself 'is not an end, but a process, in which a person is trying to get to know another person.' A literary film of the rare kind that lets words and text take center stage.

World Premiere
Director: Jennifer Anderson & Vernon Lott
Original Title: The Act of Becoming
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Running time: 61 min
Language: English without subtitles
Tags: Special Screenings Hits
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Camera: Nandan Rao
Sound: Jason Devore
Music: Peter Broderick
Casting: Anna Gavalda, Dan Wakefield, Oscar van Gelderen, Edwin Frank, Tim Kreider, Morris Dickstein, Colum McCann, Netta Gurevitch, Steve Almond, John Doyle, Robin Robertson, Mel Livatino
Producer: Jennifer Anderson & Vernon Lott
Editor: Ian Clark
Production Company: Morris Hill Pictures
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