Press accreditation gives you free access to all regular screenings during CPH:DOX and access to online links. CPH:DOX’s press department helps you book and collect tickets to the festival, if you book well in advance (though we can order a maximum of 10 tickets for you), or send links. Contact the press representatives to order tickets. You must mention the film, date, time and venue. Your tickets will be available for pickup at our press desk, along with your accreditation. You are also welcome to contact us if you would like some recommendations. For tickets to events, parties or concerts, please also contact the press department.
Ticket sales start March 1 and some sell out fast. You can book tickets with the press department until March 15. Afterwards, you will be able to book tickets from March 16 for the following day only.
If you have booked tickets through us, please remember to pick them up at our press desk. All tickets will be returned to the cinemas at 15:00 on the day the screenings take place.
Ordering via web/
If you wish to book more than 10 tickets, or if it is too late to contact us, it is your responsibility to book and pick up tickets for the screenings. You can book tickets via our website or Note that various cinemas have different pick-up times. If a film is not sold out, you can go to the cinema and get a ticket with your press pass. Please remember to bring your accreditation card to all screenings.

If you have any questions regarding press tickets, please contact:

Lisa Nilsson –

Anastasia Shekshnya –