Registration deadline: Preferrebly before March 7.
Price: Free of charge
Newsletter: As an accredited journalist you will automatically receive our DOX:WEEKLY newsletter (you can always unsubscribe afterwards).

The Press Accreditation is restricted to critics and journalists.

CPH:DOX’s press department can help you book and collect tickets to the festival, if you book well in advance (though we can order a maximum of 10 tickets for you), or send links. Contact the press representatives to order tickets. You must mention the film, date, time and venue. Your tickets will be available for pick-up at our press desk at Kunsthal Charlottenborg from the 15th of March, along with your accreditation.

The Press Accreditation gives you access to and includes:

  • All regular film screenings
  • All regular seminars
  • All regular events and parties
  • CPH:MARKET (video library and online preview for 30 days)
  • Press kits
  • Festival goodie bag and international festival catalogue
  • Detailed guest list
  • Guest desk services

To apply for a Press Accreditation, please create or log into your CPH:DOX profile here and fill in the application form in the Accreditation module.

Having problems with your accreditation?

Contact if you have any questions.