Mark your calendars! Friday February 15th CPH:DOX and Normann Copenhagen launches this year’s complete and final music programme with a special screening of Seamus Murphy’s ‘A Dog Called Money’, giving a glimpse into PJ Harvey’s creative process.

For the 16th time, CPH:DOX will this March take over Copenhagen with more than 200 documentary films from around the world – and as always a specially curated programme consisting of strong music documentaries and audiovisual concerts.

Several concerts have already been announced, including special performances by names such as Omar Souleyman (SYR), Animal Collective (US) and Danish CHINAH. On February 15th the complete music programme will be released and celebrated with a special screening of Seamus Murphy’s ‘A Dog Called Money’ – only a few days after the world premiere in Berlin.

Through war & love  

‘A Dog Called Money’ is a heartfelt journey together with PJ Harvey and the critically acclaimed photographer Seamus Murphy traveling through conflicted areas in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Washington DC.

Through Murphy’s sharp photographic lense, the documentary crosses cuts from areas and people characterized by war, poverty and inequality to a gallery in London where people are invited to observe the recording of PJ Harvey’s latest album ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’.

Together with her band PJ Harvey transforms all the impressions from the travel to sparkling lyrics and strong melodies. The result of this unique collaboration is a moving and unfiltered portrait of how humans deal with the world’s injustice.

After the screening of ‘A Dog Called Money’ the afterparty will be held at RUDO that offers 50% discount on the first glass of Berto Vermouth when showing the cinema ticket.

Audiovisual concerts

AUDIO:VISUALS is the festival’s concert series that has been expanding the Danish concert scene every year since 2010. Danish and international musicians are challenged by renowned filmmakers, visual artists or films from the programme – and they are giving themselves the opportunity to develop their own visual and auditory experiments.

International Music Films

Sound & Vision is our selection of the newest, best and most visually challenging music films from around the world.


CPH:DOX Music Programme Launch: ’A Dog Called Money’. Tickets are on sale on the Facebook event.