Nikolaj Sonne is a journalist and works mostly in TV at DR2. Aside from that he holds lectures and writes for Zetland. His work is centred around technology.

Nicolaj recommends..

The Future of Work and Death af Wayne Walsh & Sean Blacknell

Work and death – the two fundamental common denominators in being human. But as technological development gallops ahead, there are people that see real alternatives to both on the horizon.

Industrialisation made work no longer synonymous with physical labour – because we machines that were better, cheaper and quicker. Today thinking is central to most jobs. But what happens when we build machines that are better at thinking then ourselves?

But technology is not just 0’s and 1’s. In medicine and health it is going quicker and quicker and there are people who are saying that the first people that will celebrate their 1000 year birthday are already born. But how will society manage people that need to receive pension over multiple hundreds of years? And is it at all defendable to burn billions of dollars on research in life lengthening treatment in developed countries, when there are billions of people that don’t have clean drinking water?

In terms of visuals and narrative, ‘The Future of Work and Death’ is a bit of a dry old thing, but on the other hand it gives an incredibly interesting and nuanced insight into the technological development we find ourselves in. It is an enormous question that we as a society need to relate ourselves to very soon.

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Machine of Human Dreams af Roy Cohen

The world masters in chess, Jeopardy and Go are not people, they are machines. And the last two games can not be calculated through traditional computer understanding. It requires that one thinks abstractly. AI – Artificial intelligence is an area in quick growth where we already have computers that are insanely clever – often superhuman – but until now only in narrow areas. Google’s AI driven picture search can find a million pictures of ‘taxi’ in a split second – but it stares emptily out in cyberspace, if you try to get it to find a picture of itself.

The holy grail of General Artificial Intelligence, is a conscious machine that can learn to learn and make itself even more clever. Conceptually seen it is the last machine that humanity will come to figure out. And Ben Goertzel has since his younger years been conscious, that he knew how to construct it.

The film is a bit easy on the technical details, but gocuses on the man and the people that are with him on the winding road, where the work is financed by both Wall Street and the Chinese government. A work that externally resembles one fiasco after another.

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