Do you want to be the main contact to our international and Danish guests?

Guest service:

The guest department handles both the many hundreds of international guest and those connected to the Danish film industry in reference to social events and galla arrangements. As an intern you will be in direct contact with some of the most important visitors from the Danish and international film industry and we therefor priorities that you are well-mannered, service minded and have good communication skills plus a well-developed perspective in order to coordinate and use different IT programs such as Excel. As an intern you will amongst other be participating in the following:

* You will be representing CPH:DOX outwardly, meaning that the industry guests will be communicating with you and therefor it is important that it is a good experience.

* You will be in charge of coordinating and ordering the guests hotel accommodations and air travel.

* You will be planning and hosting dinners and other events.

* You will be coordinating the guests pickup from the airport, hotel etc.


The internship is from January 2019 to April 2019.

Contact: Maria-Heloisa Aalling/