New Media, New Realities

F:ACT CONFERENCE – New Media, New Realities connects creatives from the fields of film, media, communication, journalism and technology to explore the current state of documenting and transforming the media landscape.

Documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism are time consuming disciplines under threat from the increasingly short deadlines of media companies and at the same time enabled by the development of new technologies. F:ACT CONFERENCE is a one-day conference acknowledging the interdisciplinary field of journalism and documentary filmmaking as an independent art form and challenging the involved creators and platforms to continue the shift to a digital age. The day is especially dedicated to those actors who not only aim to document the world, but who actively participate in shaping and transforming it.


  • The interdisciplinary field of journalism and documentary and the distinct stories evolving from the area.
  • New media platforms supporting independent media and democratic participation.
  • Where the increasingly digital media landscape is heading and the business models sustaining it.

The conference consists of keynote talks and panel discussions.

F:ACT CONFERENCE is organised by:

CPH:DOX in collaboration with International Media Support and Føljeton.

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