Society needs science to tackle today’s global challenges and research must be communicated so that its importance to our common reality can be the subject of a democratic dialogue. If there ever was a time when we should strive for this happening, it is now.

Therefore, in 2017 CPH:DOX established CPH:SCIENCE, uniting film and science through activities for audiences, education and research institutions, as well as for the film industry.

Science Film Factory is part of CPH:SCIENCE and a brand new international industry platform, seeking to spark new collaboration between filmmakers and scientists and serve as an incubator for creative documentary film and new media projects that can engage a broader audience in science and its impact on society.


The Science Film Factory is a tailored event for scientists, filmmakers, foundations and other stakeholders interested in the communication of science. It takes place during CPH:DOX and is closely linked to a full day focusing on the intersection of science and film at our CPH:CONFERENCE and to the science focus during our well established international financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM. The mainspring is curiosity, the key word is quality and the format is new.

During the SCIENCE FILM FACTORY selected scientists will present their reseach to and meet interested film directors and producers in an intense workshop with the aim to harness the deep knowledge existing within International universities and research centres for new powerful documentary films with a potential for social impact. The event will also offer tailored matchmaking in one-to-one meetings plus a public pitch to potential financiers, distributors, co-production partners and collaborators.

Dates of the event(s) TBA.


Science Film Factory is primarily for invited scientists, producers and directors plus a wide variety of funders and stakeholders interested in the communication of science. Interested filmmakers will be able to apply for participation. A limited number of seats are available to professionals who wish to attend the event as observers. More information about application and program to be published soon.

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