Rasmus Kolbe, better known as ‘Lakserytteren’, is Denmark’s King of Snapchat. He has won the award for Best Snapchat Storyteller at ‘The Ghosties Awards’.

‘Lakeserytteren’ recommends:

On the edge of freedom by Anita Hopland and Jens Lengerke.

As someone who lives by taking selfies to social media, it was with great professional pride that I watched this movie, one where young people go to extremes for the wildest selfies. As someone who suffers from fear of heights, it was a crazy,  provocative experience!

‘On the Edge of Freedom’ has a strange size. It feels like watching extreme sports and a Russian version of ‘SHAME’ at the same time. It manages to give you butterflies deep down in your stomach and then afterwards makes you feel really relaxed, which makes it both genuine and present.

The film is a hybrid between a YouTube video and a documentary. Unlike the classic Youtube video,  ‘On The Edge of Freedom’ is not a personal account with a charismatic frontman and something that needs to be said, but a portrait of a youth culture.

The film allows afterthoughts, so instead of being captivated by the characters courage, as you would be if you saw the same videos on YouTube, the film gives you time to consider the reason there are when you choose to lay on the edge of a crane 600 metres in the sky.

Read more about the film here.

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