Karl-Oskar Olsen was among the founders of fashion label Wood Wood in 2003 and paved the way for the brand’s creative direction as Creative Director and Head of Design. In 2014, co-creator Karl-Oskar began leading contemporary cycling apparel brand, Pas Normal Studios and his private brand, TKO.
Karl-Oskar recommends…

Dries by Reiner Holzemer

I have long looked forward to seeing ‘Dries’, as he is a great designer that I have extremely high regard for. Dries van Noten helped put Antwerp on the fashion map. He was one of the design group, ‘The Antwerp Six’, and has since been the most successful of them. Now nearly 100 collections into his career, we get from the film good insight into how Dries Van memorandum’s workflow looks: everything from idea and inspiration, to the creation of the final show. It’s quite liberating to see a designer working from contrasts and materials, daring to act on intuition and emotion before anything else.

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Karl-Oskar Olsen | Serial Entrepreneur