CPH:CONFERENCE is our unique 5-day industry event presented in partnership with leading European training initiative Documentary Campus. It takes place Monday 23 to Friday 27 March from 10:00-17:00 at our festival center Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

During five days, we explore the intersections of film, art, science, technology & social change in an intensive programme of case studies, keynotes, workshops and discussions on the most trending topics of our industry. Each one of the five days of the conference is dedicated to a different overall theme and is carefully orchestrated by internationally renowned curators.

The conference is open to all accredited guests as well as the public. Accreditations can be purchased here and tickets will be on sale shortly.

Monday 23 March

Science is Culture
curated by Jessica Harrop, Producer, Science Sandbox

As part of our CPH:SCIENCE programme, the conference kicks off with a day exploring new ways, and asking fundamental questions about the communication of science through cinema. How do we attract people who are not necessarily science-interested? And how do we present scientific issues in a way that unites us around our shared cultural values, instead of dividing us? We will look for answers in social science research, hear from groundbreaking scientists finding new ways to communicate their research, and learn from visionary filmmakers who are thinking of science as culture, instead of science as purely fact.

Tuesday 24 March

Art, Technology and Change: The Descent of Man
curated by Mark Atkin, Director Crossover Labs

On the second day of the conference we consider how patriarchy is ruining the planet. Can we redefine ourselves as human by embracing fluidity and forging a new relationship with plants and animals? To what extent does the interconnectedness of species extend to intelligent machines? And how effective can the creative community be in addressing these challenges and pointing to possible solutions? Join curator Mark Atkin to find out.

Wednesday 25 March

Tackling Disruption: Industry, Platforms, Audiences
curated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, CEO & Founder, Storytek

Documentary film is more relevant than ever to help audiences embrace and understand the radical changes in our lives. If only the content will reach the right viewers at the right time, in the right place and format through new business models, mastering platforms and data and embracing converging forms of storytelling. Join curator and industry innovator Sten-Kristian Saluveer and international visionaries at the forefront of social impact, streaming platforms, talent development, cutting edge curation, and technology from Artificial Intelligence and gaming to tackle the disruption and successfully master the changing landscapes of the documentary industry.

Thursday 26 March

Making Media Matter when the World is on Fire
curated by Sue Turley, Executive Producer, XRM Media & Patricia Finneran, Founder, Story Matter

While the climate crisis rages and politics divisions turn violent, how do we ensure that our movies matter, and who will fund them? For artists and storytellers, the dynamic tension between impact –  the marketplace of ideas – and the commercial marketplace is ever-present and always changing. Hear from global leaders in impact entertainment and a new crop of funders investing in real stories for change on day four of the conference.

Friday 27 March

Documenting the Future
curated by Lauren Boyle, Co-Founder, DIS

We conclude this year’s conference with curator Lauren Boyle, exploring how documentary practice can serve to capture what could happen, rather than what has happened. We will hear from artists, filmmakers, and thinkers who find truth through fiction or the fictional in everyday truths. They use the language and tools of nonfiction filmmaking, storytelling, sociological research, startups, and other common modalities to reconfigure failed narratives and build alternative futures. While imagining new possibilities doesn’t guarantee making them come true, it sets the stage for a multiplicity of new potentialities. Truthful documents of the fictions that stage our everyday facts, these speculative realisms are halfway to making a new world.