Tomorrow on the festival’s 10th and last day, you’ll be able to get stuck into the NEW:VISION award winner, a concert with Avey Tare, documentaries about machines in an Indian textile factory, safari hunting in Namibia and a travelling cinema in India.

Here’ s the day’s guide to a selection of fantastic films and events at CPH:DOX, that you can’t miss. All the day’s events are in the calendar here.


Life Imitation

Chatroom threads, sexting and virtual scenes from Grand Theft Auto’s violent computer game version of Los Angeles come together with alarming and nightmarish ease to depict scenes from the Chinese artist Zhou Chen’s friends’ lives in his hypnotically dark film, where above all the young women defy social and sexual taboos, but at the same time mirror their loneliness and isolation in the screens of their mobile phones.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 16:00, Tickets:


The machines are rumbling like furious, choleric giants in an inferno of noise, chemicals and work routines. The Indian director Rahul Jain leads us right into the dark heart of a textile factory in a film, which in the spirit of the revolutionary ‘Leviathan’ subsumes both our eyes and our senses.

Nordisk Film Dagmar, 12:00, Tickets


Anything can be art! The film about Joseph Beuys gives the floor to the artist himself in a mosaic of archive footage. The film here has its international premiere after being in the main competition in Berlin. Following Q&A with director.

Grand Teatret, 12:15, Tickets


The Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl is known for turning contemporary Europe inside out in his at times almost surreal hybrid of cringe-worthy satire and political criticism – between documentary and fiction. In ‘Safari’, Seidl has joined a big game hunt in Namibia, and the result is no less ugly and boundary-transgressing.

10:00, Grand Teater. Tickets

The Cinema Travellers

For over 70 years, India’s travelling cinemas have brought colourful adventures to all corners of the vast country, where people gather on market squares to watch films in tents and in the open air. And if you have forgotten how magical such an experience can be – or if you have never had the opportunity yourself – then the Indian ‘The Cinema Travellers’ is a must! Meet the director afterwards.

Cinemateket, 16:30, Tickets


Contemporary Colour

Since being the frontman of Talking Heads, the forever elegant and eternally curious David Byrne has been a notoriously unpredictable artist. But then he made this. A number of magnificently staged live shows, flanked by American cheerleaders (!) and guest appearances by tUnE-yArDs, St. Vincent, Blood Orange, and a curated string of other fine musicians – and Byrne himself.

Grand Teatret, 19:00, Tickets

Avey Tare vs Abby Portner

Images and sounds enter into a neo-psychedelic union when Avey Tare and Abby Portner will close the Audio:Visuals concert series at CPH:DOX 2017 with a performance in the festival’s colourful sofa cinema. Dave Portner is the singer and songwriter of Animal Collective, while his sister Abby is affiliated with the group as a visual artist with countless other collaborations on her CV – from Velvet Underground’s John Cale to Danish Reptile Youth.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 20:00, Billetter.


Illegal in Denmark

18,000 illegal immigrants live in Denmark right now. Who are they, and how have they come to the country? TV2 has been undercover in a Danish parallel world. Followed by a debate on hidden cameras in documentaries.

Grand Teatret, 14:30, Tickets