Fiction for Real presents 11 new feature films that reflects the world around us. The films will be introduced and discussed by a number of Danish artists and writers.

Documentary film have a special obligation to reality. Fiction don’t, but they stem from same roots, and where fiction films grabs reality and throws its artistically view on the world around us, art gets an edge.

With Fiction for Real we present 11 new fiction feature films that does exactly that. And to further state the intersections between art and reality the film screenings will be accompanied by conversations between the director and a Danish author/artists.


War, science fiction, and surrealism

The programme is versatile. Well known documentarists like Soudade Kaadan, Ognjen Glavonic and Matthew Heineman visites Copenhagen with their first ever fiction film – all personal stories about war in Syria and Serbia, and in the case of Heineman about the war reporter Marie Colvin. His film ‘A Private War’ is a factual depiction of Colvin’s fearless life, and while the main character is portrayed by Hollywood actor Rosamund Pike, the supporting roles are played by survivors from the war conflicted areas that Colvin reported from. After the film Matthew Heineman will talk to journalist and author Simi Jan about the courage, motivation, and struggles war correspondents have to endure.

Other films like ‘Divine Love’ and French ‘Jessica Forever’, both fresh from the Berlinale, looks to a near future to reflect the worries of our time. The same does one of this year’s most expected Danish film debut, Ulaa Salim’s ‘Sons of Denmark’’. Salim’s film takes place in the Denmark of tomorrow where an extremist rightwing party is about to gain parliamentary power, and where the still increasing polarization between ‘them’ and ‘us’ ends with the fatal consequences. After the film the director will speak to author Morten Pape about their common background and about art’s depiction of a political reality.

And then there are film seeking to fiction itself to uncover new truths such as Swedish Johannes Nyholm’s surrealist ‘Koko-di Koko-da’ that combines slapstick, animation, and psychological horror in a story about history and grief. The monumental ‘La Flor’ contains the whole section through six stories and a film length of no less than 14 hours. It’s a film about creating and seeing film, about the art of acting and the vital possibilities of fiction film.


Film and guests in the section


Sons of Denmark. Ulaa Salim, Denmark 2019.

After the screening 22/3 director Ulaa Salim speaks with author Morten Pape about their common background and references, and about depicting a political reality through art. Moderator: Ane Cortzen. The talk will be in Danish.

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The Day I Lost My Shadow. Soudade Kaadan, Syria 2018

After the screening 24/3 director Soudade Kaadan and author and political advisor Jakob Sheikh talks about life in Syria today. Moderator: Ane Cortzen.

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Divine Love. Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil 2019

The screening 31/3 is introduced by priest and author Flemming Pless. The introduction will be in Danish

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Jessica Forever. Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France 2018

The screening 25/3 is introduced by author and artist Esben Weile Kjær

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Koko-di Koko-da. Johannes Nyholm, Sweden 2019

After the screening 22/3 director Johannes Nyholm and actor Peter Belli talk to author and researcher in grief Mai-Britt Guldin about working artistically with grief. Moderator: Ane Cortzen

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La Flor. Mariano Llinás, Argentina 2018

The film is screened over three days from 22-24/3

Tickets on sale for ‘La Flor’ part 1 22/3

Tickets on sale for ‘La Flor’ part 2 23/3

Tickets on sale for ‘La Flor’ part 3 24/3


The Load. Ognjen Glavonic, Serbia 2018

After the screening 28/3 director Ognjen Glavonic talks to author Carsten Jensen about Serbian identity and the heritage after the war in former Yugoslavia. Moderator: Steen Ramsgaard

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Nona. If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them. Camila José Donoso, Chile 2019

Before the screening 27/3 we show the world premiere of Mathias Broe’s narrative music video ‘the hOpening’ featuring music from Lennart Ginman, Jeppe Gram and Maggie Björklund.

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A Private War. Matthew Heineman, USA/UK 2018

After the screening 21/3 director Matthew Heinemann talks to author and journalist Simi Jan about Marie Colvin and about reporting from the world’s hotspots. Moderator: Ane Cortzen.

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The Tale. Jennifer Fox, USA 2018

After the screening 23/3 director Jennifer Fox talks to director Dan Reed, who in the film ‘Leaving Neverland’ shows the story of to boys’ experiences with sexual assaults from Michael Jackson. The conversation will revolve around the complexities in abuse against children, and the necessary process of speaking up. Moderator: Ane Cortzen.

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Vox Lux. Brady Corbet, USA 2018

The screening 25/3 will be introduced by musician Thomas Blachman in conversation with architect and tv host Ane Cortzen. The introduction will be in Danish.

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