Directors: Josefine Stritich, Josefine Lundgren

‘Perfectly Imperfect’ – breaking the norms. The documentary depicts a young generation strongly influenced by social media, but what do we need to be influenced by and how does it benefit us? Most young people with Instagram accounts share the belief that you must appear perfect on Instagram, and share pictures that live up to the social norms. But what would happen if you didn’t have to be afraid of nudity, acne and being perfectly imperfect? With his honest and humorous Instagram, Alexander tries to become a norm breaking influencer, and shows in his own way that there are a lot of other worlds than what currently dominates social media.

Directors: Alice Hüllert, Thomas Rosendal
Producer: Alice Hüllert

Dolly Parton has been a great inspiration throughout Thomas’ life. He could identify himself with Dolly and her sometimes extravagant and crazy style and personality. When Thomas was 18 years old he won Denmark’s largest Drag Queen competition, where he performed as Dolly Parton. Today, Thomas is 23 years old and is living his dream and is considered one of Denmark’s biggest drag queens. Thomas wants to meet his big idol and thank the person who has helped him find and accept himself as he is. We follow his ups and downs from Denmark to Tennessee and learn what great influence she has and has had on his life. Will Thomas meet Dolly Parton?

Directors: Kathrine Skibsted, Andrine Moland, Caroline Salic

A broad majority of people go through life with the narrative of one’s partner being the one person we share everything with – mentally, as well as physically. Still, a lot is left to be unspoken between couples – for better or worse? We often feel doubtful sharing details about topics like physical and mental challenges, sexual and romantic desires, loneliness, and insecurities about the relationship. Why do we treat these topics as secrets and what keeps us from being honest towards our partner? At what point can a secret be determined as a lie, yet; with the intention of sparing our partner?

Director: Nicoline Edinger

“Me, in Control” is a personal film about investigating the experience of the eating disorder anorexia. A film told in retrospective which searches for answers and more knowledge about the disease. Told by the director herself and other young people who have been affected by the disease. A film about the psychological and physical experiences from dealing with an eating disorder and about how it might still have an impact on their lives today.

Director: Sophia Jacques
Producer: Vibeke Vogel

Diagnosed as a small child, Marco was raised under the assumption that he had autism. 11 years later, the system finally admits, they made a mistake; Marco doesn’t have autism; he is severely dyslexic. Now, approaching the end of his teens, he’s confronted with a completely new identity box to fit into.

“Blind Words” tells an intimate story without filter about a teenager’s search for his own place in the world. Following his dreams for the future, dealing with his past, we enter an honest mindset of survival in a very young soul. This film sheds light on society’s uneasiness with its outsiders and the human fear of failing.

Director: Christina Amundsen

We need female role models to change the old traditions. 16 female classical musicians from Scandinavia get together as Damkapellet. They want to change the traditions in the classical music and highlight work by female composers around the world and throughout time. In 2018 only 76 out of 1445 classical concerts included work by female composer. Who are the women of classical music? Where are they? Damkapellet will look in the past and the present to find them and give new life to the forgotten voices.