On the third day, choose between a docu-comedy about sustainable products, a film and afterparty curated by The xx, a film and debate about vaccinations, meeting playwright sir David Hare – or all of the above!

The Green Lie – Should we panic when it says ‘organic’?

Are we seduced by the good message of sustainability when we go shopping? A docu-comedy where nothing is what it seems.After the screening on March 17, the director and German journalist Kathrin Hartmann will discuss greenwashing, palm oil and Fairtrade with Thomas Roland, the COOP’s CSR CEO, and Jonas Giersing, the CEO of Fairtrade Denmark.

Charlottenborg, 15:00

The Poetess – film & debate about women in Saudi-Arabia 

Meet female poet Hissa Hilal from Saudi Arabia who protests against male dominance and taboos through her poetry – live on TV and in front of millions. After the screening at Hotel Cecil there will be a debate about women’s fight for equal rights in Saudi-Arabia with journalist Nazila Kivi, master in Middle East studies Fannie Agerschou-Madsen and Rothna Begum, who works with women’s right in the Middle East for ‘Human Rights Watch’.

Hotel Cecil, 16:00

Love Means Zero

Character-driven filmmaking at its best. Meet the colourful and charismatic tennis legend Nick Bollettieri, as he faces a tough opponent.

Empire Bio, 17:00

The Prince of Nothingwood

Lights, camera, action! At work in Afghanistan’s Hollywood with the country’s answer to Roger Corman in a true audience darling of a film.

Cinemateket, 19:30

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.

From Tamil refugee to activist pop star. One of this year’s best music films is told by the frontwoman of M.I.A. herself through decades’ worth of video footage.

Empire, 22:00

Yoshtoyoshto – a filmmaker, an anthropologist, and a musician take the stage… 

Peter Mettler is back at the festival with his film ‘Becoming Animal’. But what’s more, he is also performing live with the anthropologist Jeremy Narby and the musician Franz Treichler (the frontman of the legendary industrial band Young Gods). The three friends let their talents meet in an improvisational performance with hypnotic live VJing, trance-like soundscapes and spoken word.

Charlottenborg, 19:00

A Good Week for Democracy – a how-to democratize lesson from the Swedes

A sharp, funny and insightful film about a Swedish political summit during an idyllic summer week. Meet the director in conversation with Swedish journalist Malin Schmidt.

Cinemateket, 17:00

Wall – by Oscar-nominated playwright David Hare

A beautifully animated film about the wall that separates Israel and Palestine – written by the Oscar-nominated British author David Hare. Meet Sir David himself at the European premiere of the film, where together with the film director he will answer questions from the audience.

Empire Bio, 17:15

Beautiful Things – a film where two genres meet

Documentary science fiction from a future we already live in without knowing it. A chain with many segments, which the filmmaker duo of Giorgio Ferreroand Federico Biasin brings together in an accomplished audiovisual study of our times, but with room for the human quirks that constitute the grit in the machinery. Meet the director after the screening! 

Cinemateket, 21:30

Hanaa – a beautifully shot film about heartbreaking stories 

Four young women from their own corner of the world have more than their name in common. A film that insists on beauty against all odds.Meet the director at the screening.

Dagmar, 19:00

An intimate film about a family caught in the Northern Ireland conflicts

Violence and unrest continue to haunt the streets – and homes – of Northern Ireland. A shocking and incredible story of motherly determination. Meet the director of ‘A Mother Brings her Son to be Shot‘ Sinead O’Shea at the screening March 17 at Dagmar.

Dagmar, 21:30

Fred – meet gangster Freddie Foreman

An 85-year-old London gangster puts his cards on the table in a dark and psychological, but deeply engaging film between true crime and exquisite storytelling.After the film’s premiere, there will be a q&a with the film’s director Paul van Carter and a representative from the Danish film magazine Ekko.

Empire, 19:45

The Image You Missed

Unseen footage from the bitter conflict in Northern Ireland provide the imagery for a cinematic letter from a son to the father who shot it.

Gloria 17:00

Got Milk?

Do you know where milk comes from? Technology, economics an ethics are on the agenda in a journey from Denmark to China. Meet the director at the screening for a Q&A.

Dagmar, 14:00