33 projects has been selected for CPH:FORUM this year, including new projects from Petra Costa, Victor Kossakovsky, Guido Hendrickx, Mila Turajlic, Shaul Schwarz and Ben Rivers. In addition 6 projects from high-profile Nordic filmmakers have been selected to be presented as work-in-progress.

A record-breaking number of more than 450 projects were submitted for the 2019 edition of CPH:DOX’s financing and co-production forum, which supports the development and financing of creative and visually strong documentary films.

CPH:FORUM, taking place 26-28 March 2019, will present the selected projects in the five categories: FICTIONONFICTION, CINEMA, F:ACT, ART and SCIENCE, the latter being a brand new Forum strand supported by the Lundbeck Foundation. Besides presenting creative documentary films and series on science and technology, the SCIENCE day of CPH:FORUM will invite new stakeholders to the fore and nurture new partnerships for documentary film.

Among this year’s selection we can look forward to presentations from established, award winning directors and production companies as well as emerging talents tackling some of the most painful issues of today’s society and global politics. The projects will be presented to amongst many others broadcasters such as ARTE, ZDF, NDR, BBC, POV & DR, in addition to Netflix and Ryot, international film funds such as Cinereach, Sundance, Chicken & Egg  and private foundations such as Science Sandbox, Bertha Foundation and Freedom of Speech Foundation.

Celebrating a wide variety of filmmaking cultures and directorial approaches, this year’s selection represents 20 different countries and is balanced in terms of gender representation, which is core to CPH:DOX’s overall policy.


Katrine Kiilgaard, Head of Industry and Deputy Director to CPH:DOX, said:

“CPH:FORUM is a curated market that reflects an overall vision. We take pride in supporting the continued existence of a variety of voices and aesthetic expressions as is presented at our festival, even as that becomes increasingly difficult in a market with less public funding available and less courage to take risks. With our new ventures such as our Science strand, we aim to expand the boundaries and possibilities for documentary film and filmmakers and grow the role of art as an active voice in civil society.”


Said Tereza Simikova, Head of CPH:FORUM:

“It’s been a tremendous privilege to be part in the selection process this first year of heading the CPH:FORUM, despite the many very painful decisions we had to make. I can’t wait to see these important projects move forward, come to life and meet their audience. Personally, I am so happy that we met the 50:50 gender equality requirement and that 57% of the selected projects represent a female directorial voice.”


For the sixth year running, we are more than proud to present the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award of € 15,000 for the events best project intended for co-production. Furthermore, we are very excited about our continued collaboration with Kickstarter. Once again, Kickstarter will be onboard to provide guidance and promotional support for all film projects that are participating in CPH:FORUM, including campaign strategy and outreach.


Check out the full CPH:FORUM line up here.