Chinese artist, documentary filmmaker, and critic, Ai Weiwei, is coming to CPH:DOX 2019 with his newest film ‘The Rest’ premiering in the festival’s main competition.

The world renowned artist, critic, thinker, and filmmaker Ai Weiwei is coming to CPH:DOX 2019. On March 22 the festival presents the World Premiere of his latest film ‘The Rest’ with the presence of Ai Weiwei himself who will do a following talk about the major project and the refugee crisis in Europe.

Ai Weiwei’s work has most recently been exhibited in Denmark in 2017 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg where he decorated the art centre’s facade with 3500 life jackets worn by refugees and found on the Greek island of Lesbos. The year before, he chose to withdraw his expected exhibition Yu Yi at Aarhus Art Museum, ARoS, as a protest to the new Danish refugee regulations. When Ai Weiwei returns to Denmark in March it is once again with the European refugee crisis highest on the agenda.

Like his other work, ‘The Rest’ is an indignant defense of humanism and human dignity. The film documents the situation among many of the refugees who live in a political limbo in Europe, where the humanitarian system is overloaded, the media are exhausted and xenophobia is on the rise. Over 900 hours of footage has been edited down to an unsentimental, clear-sighted, and all the more gripping film with the individual human being in the lead role. And it is precisely in the individual’s story that there turns out to be hope in the midst of hopelessness. ‘The Rest’ is a parallel work to Ai Weiwei’s film ‘Human Flow’ from 2017, but the scale here is in line with the body, voice and experience of an individual refugee. The form is listening and attentive. The intricate chaos of various crises, which in the European public has been called ‘the refugee crisis’, has not blown over. ‘The Rest’ is a deeply human defence of the people who are still living in it.

Ai Weiwei was guest curator at CPH:DOX in 2013 but was unable to visit the festival due to travel ban posed by the chinese authorities.

‘The Rest’ is selected for the festival’s main competition DOX:AWARD where it will have its World Premiere on March 22 at Imperial. Tickets are on sale!