Techno culture and anarchism are two alternative social forms that have much in common in their radical re-evaluation of all social relations. An overlooked but obvious thought that ‘Rage’ takes to the extreme in a philosophical rave party, that gives enough time and space to both the theoreticians and musicians on the fringes of society – and takes them all equally seriously. Light sticks, drum machines and political utopias meet in a dark film that demonstrates that the revolutionary potential of a Roland TB-303 is not just a wild, abstract idea.

Empire, 19:30, Tickets

Last Men in Aleppo

The opening film of this year’s CPH:DOX has already proven its worth and importance by winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in January this year. And the Danish-produced documentary also gets unusually close to the people who don’t run away, but come running, when the bombs explode in Syria’s ravaged city of Aleppo. The doctors from the Syrian aid organisation the White Helmets work their way through collapsed schools and homes to take care of both survivors and the dead.

Grand, 19:00, Tickets


Alma Har’el is finally back after the trendsetting indie hit ‘Bombay Beach’ with a film about the greatest of all topics: the mystery of love And about what happens when the mystery vanishes and life’s harsh realities emerge. Three love stories make up the kaleidoscopic prism which ‘Lovetrue’ shines through, backed by a floating soundtrack by the LA artist Flying Lotus.

Grand, 21:30, Tickets


‘Photon’ looks at the universe’s smallest building blocks and biggest mysteries in a staggering cinematic experience of the kind that you have literally never seen before. From the Big Bang to the quantum revolution, and from the beginning of time to the creation of planets and the evolution of biological life over eons – and heading towards an unknown future.

Vester Vov Vov, 19:00, Tickets


The designer Dries van Noten is one of his generation’s great innovators. With his beautiful and style-conscious creations, the Belgian fashion designer has since the 1980s established himself as a unique creative force, and at the same time he has managed to avoid compromising his own vision. For the first time, van Noten has allowed a filmmaker to follow him both at work and privately, and ‘Dries’ follows him during an entire year – at work on four collections, from the studio to the catwalk during the Paris Fashion week.

Empire, 17:30, Tickets