Guide to Day 9, Friday 24!
    Tomorrow on the festival’s 9th day, you’ll be able to get your fingers stuck into documentary films on a unique Major Lazer concert in Cuba, about an italian rebellion party, and on a holocaust denier’s confrontation with hate’s paradoxes. In the evening there’ll be visual and musical sense bombardements with a film and DJ Set of the Danish When Saints Go Machine, as well as CPH:DOX x Girls Are Awesome afterparty at the night bar. Also ‘The Blue Room’ at Kunsthal Charlottenborg offers a wide range of mad and interesting experiences, including a seed-bomb workshop, Beyond Coffee presenting on mushrooms and circular economy, a bug-tasting challenge, a panel on how documentaries can save the environment, DIY green-hacks, Frank's Kitchen, film screenings, and Party Everyday with Capital Fluxus. Here’s the day’s guide to a selection of fantastic films and events at CPH:DOX, that you can’t miss. All the day’s events are in the calendar here. POLITICS Power to the People? Western democracies are faltering. The trust in politicians is at record lows across Europe, new populist movements are emerging, Great Britain has decided to leave the EU, and in the United States the outsider Trump has been elected president. Lise Birk Pederson investigates the successful Italian protest party 'Five Star Movement' and its charismatic leader, Beppe Grillo in an uncompromising film. Q&A with director afterwards. Bremen Teater, 13:30, Tickets Keep Quiet The Hungarian politician Csanad Szegedi is an antisemitic Holocaust denier and is set to take over the leadership of the country's most extreme right-wing conservative party. Right until his grandmother reveals a lifelong secret that turns everything upside down – and makes him convert to Judaism. 'Keep Quiet' is a dramatic film full of twists about the paradoxes and self-contradictions of hatred and extremism, seen through three years of an extraordinary man's life. Introduction Cinemateket, 17:00, Tickets ART Beuys Joseph Beuys was so far ahead of his time that the art world has not caught up with him 30 years after his death. Everything can be art, Beuys said, and acted accordingly. With fat and felt as the constant materials of his sculptures and interventions, Beuys's aim was nonetheless to expand the concept of art as far as possible – and to involve as many people as he could in the process. A generous ideal with a radical, political dimension, which earned him dedicated followers and great resistance. Meet the director in a following Q&A! Grand Teater, 16:40, TIckets The Strangest Stranger The charismatic and talkative Waka is a true chameleon. A self-proclaimed outsider, a mythomaniac, a homosexual and the natural centre of every party. And he comes from an age-old Jewish lineage – as he himself claims. The Swedish artist Magnus Bärtås met Waka 20 years ago, and has since been fascinated by how this professional oddball has cultivated his entire life story as fiction. Gloria Biograf, 17:00, Tickets The Hotel A visit to a Japanese hotel that has existed for over one thousand years (!) is just one of many stops on the Swedish director Kristian Petri's world tour. A journey that is driven by Petri's fascination for the hotel as a nomadic home and travelling as a state of mind, and which leads him from classic hotels in Europe via some of the world's most legendary examples to anonymous, modernist non-places. Park Bio, 21:30, Tickets 95 and 6 to go Kimi Takesue's grandfather emigrated from Japan to Hawaii in the 1910s. Today, he is 95 years old and recently widowed, but still enjoys life and its little chores. An elderly gentleman with a rich inner life, which really comes to the fore when Kimi comes to visit him and tells him her idea for a new film. '95 and 6 To Go' is a funny, imaginative and warm film about the close relationship – and creative collaboration! – between grandfather and grandchild. Meet the director in a following Q&A Nordisk Film Dagmar, 17:00, Tickets Pow Wow A film that relates freely to the anthropological method, tradition and preoccupation with indigenous peoples – and does so with imagination, humour and a sharp eye for the almost surreal clashes between tradition and modernity in the encounter between modern cowboys and Indians in Palm Springs, California. Here, the India ritual Pow Wow is celebrated by remembering an episode in 1908, when an Indian man fled 500 miles through the desert to get away from a lynch mob Gloria Biograf, 21:00, Tickets Give me Future: Major Lazer in Cuba 'Give Me Future' alternates between fast-paced concert footage and an in-depth insight into the Cuban youth, which in spite of tough odds and bad circumstances shows the hard-pumping trio how a true party should be celebrated. Meet the director for introduction and Q&A. Grand Teater, 21:30, Tickets EVENTS 60 Minutes of When Saints Go Machine The symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil, which according to the Ministry of Culture are on their last legs, and the electronic pop quartet When Saints Go Machine cross musical paths in a new concert film that premieres at CPH:DOX. After the film there will be a panel debate about the music in the film and where When Saints Go Machine and Den Sorte Machine will provide a DJ set. With artist talk from Cph Phil, Efterklang, WSGM and Den Sorte Skole, and DJ set with When Saints Go Machine and Den Sorte Skole Bremen Teater, 18:30, Tickets All This Panic All This Panic’ focuses on our teenage years and how our lives change at a furious pace. Future dreams, infatuations, friendships - you name it. The high school years are coming to an end – so what now? Friendships are tested, while new emotions and interests appear and the girls try to find out – together and individually – who they are, and not least who they would like to become. After the film, join us for a drink or dance to the tunes of DJs Rita Blue, Louisa Nieves and Cohnny Jazz, who will make you feel like a teen again from dusk till dawn. Bremen Teater, 21:30, TIckets
    Tribeca If/Then competition has found its winner
    Yesterday, six projects were pitched as part of the If/Then competition presented in partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute dedicated to female-identified European voices and the winner has been found!
    Guide to day 8, Thursday 23!
    Tomorrow on the 8th day of the festival we have an exciting and broad documentary program that covers everything from a diplomat that became an anarchist to Nordic tongue cutters, from a cosmic journey into the biggest electronic pioneers wondrous universe of electronic music.
    Propellor | Springboard announces winning projects
    Launched in 2017 in partnership with IFFR, The Berlinale’s EFM, Cinemathon and CPH:DOX, the film tech hub Propellor held a successful pop-up event under CPH:DOX this weekend.
    Guide to Day 7, Wednesday 22!
    It is day 7 tomorrow at CPH:DOX and a fine time to catch another dizzying array of events.
    The winner of DR Talent Award 2017 has been announced!
    Yesterday the winner of the DR Talent Award was decided by the jury, and we are now able to tell you who it is!
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