This project focuses on the Druzhba pipeline system, also referred to as the ‘Friendship Pipeline’ – the world’s longest oil pipeline, stretching 4,000 km across Russia.

The Druzhba is the vehicle in which Russia exercises its control and influence over the majority of the continent, and also serves as a map of the changing relationships in the region.

With energy being an ever-increasing concern and post-soviet relationships breaking down, I chose Druzhba as a nucleus to explore the shifting dynamics which exist within this complex space. This project will create a reflective map, building a visual of this powerful, yet invisible, structure.

The project is explored in two parts: Large format photography of key hubs along the route of the pipeline, focusing on community outlets that have direct links to the pipeline, and an interactive AR installation, engaging visitors in a hands-on exploration of the power hierarchies underground through the use of a responsive camera and projector.

Creative director Frederick Paxton is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, photographer and visual artist based in London and will work alongside creative technologist Philo van Kemenade, a designer and educator based in Amsterdam, to create the project


Philo van Kemenade, Creative technologist

Frederick Paxton, Visual Artist