CPH:DOX annually welcomes delegations of producers and directors from all around the world enriching our industry programme and benefitting from our specially curated networking events and tailored mentorship programmes. Delegations are organized and curated by partnering national and regional film institutions and promotional bodies from across the globe.

During our Meet the Delegations event focusing on international co-productions – accessible to all accredited professionals – delegation organizers offer an insight into co-production possibilities with their respective territories, while a great variety of documentary projects in development brought by delegation members are shared in the format of curated networking roundtables, looking for co-producing partners and other collaborators.

The programme of each delegation is tailored for the specific needs of its members. Prior to the festival, delegation organisers can choose to offer their delegates individual mentorship and/or peer-to-peer support programme, guiding producers through the CPH:INDUSTRY programme, the international marketplace at large, and connecting them with relevant people and institutions.

Additionally, delegation members has exclusive access to roundtable sessions connecting participating producers with film financiers, broadcasters, sales agents, art curators, galleries, established international producers and impact bodies’ representatives, participating in the Industry programme.

To organise a delegation for CPH:INDUSTRY 2024, taking place during next year’s CPH:DOX between March 13-24, 2024, and for more information on Delegation services, reach out to Anna Krasztev-Kovacs at ***** the latest by November 1, 2023.

For the 2023 edition, we were proud to welcome no less than ten international delegations. Producers and filmmakers from Chile, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Palestine, Quebec, Scotland, Switzerland and the UK were introduced to accredited professionals and presented co-production possibilities with their respective territories. Read more on them below:

Chilean Delegation

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Chiledoc is the brand that gathers the Chilean documentary sector under two founding principles that characterize it: diversity and associated work. Its mission is to promote Chilean documentary productions in the world and encourage its internationalization. It is supported by ProChile and the Chilean Corporation of Documentary CCDoc.

Ignacia Merino, María José Díaz

CCDoc Representatives
Flor Rubina


French Delegation

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Unifrance promotes French cinema and TV content worldwide and encourages the export of French films and TV programmes by ensuring a systematic presence in the major international festivals and markets in order to connect French professionals with festival delegates, sales agents, foreign journalists, broadcasters and distributors. For the first time this year Unifrance will sponsor a delegation of French producers to attend CPH:DOX, one of the most strategic and essential places to be for any producer working in the documentary field.

Emmanuelle Lepers, Jasmina Sijercic, Jean-François Le Corre, Marine Vaillant, Myriam Weil, Rebecca Houzel, Sylvie Randonneix

UniFrance Representative
Johanna Von Hessen


German Delegation

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German Documentaries invite you to meet the German delegation. An initiative of the AG DOK — the German Documentary Association and German Films Service + Marketing GmbH, German Documentaries presents German non-fiction films at international festivals and markets, organizes co-production meetings and film series, and publishes an annual catalogue featuring 200+ new films available for distribution worldwide.

Andrzej Klamt, Christian Drewing, Florian Heinzen-Ziob, Laura Schmitt, Jürgen Kleinig, Vivien Pieper, Reinhard Beetz

German Documentaries Representative
Björn Jensen


Israeli Delegation

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CoPro – The Israeli Content Marketing Foundation invites you to meet the Israeli Delegation. For 25 years CoPro has been promoting the Israeli film industry. Our annual documentary coproduction market in Tel Aviv will celebrate its 25th edition in June. We are proud to attend CPH:DOX with a delegation of our finest filmmakers and producers with their projects.

Ayelet Ephrati, Donna Hacohen, Kobi Mizrahi, Liran Atzmor, Nava Michael Tsabari, Osnat Trabelsi, Roy Cohen, Shani Bibi, Yair Qedar, Zvi Landsman

CoPro Representative
Pnina Halfon Lang

Norwegian Delegation

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The Norwegian Film Institute is honoured to bring such a large presence to CPH:DOX. In addition to the Delegation, we have 15 films in the festival, 1 Forum pitch and 2 WIP presentations. This year we have focused on elevating emerging directors with projects that have strong international potential. Norway has several financing options for international projects that wish to engage Norwegian producers in co-production; through national and regional film funds, broadcast and distribution outlets.

Anette Ostrø, Beathe Hofseth, Emma Jøsok, Karianne Berge, KriStine Ann Skaret, Mari Bakke Riise, Mohamed Jabaly, Silje Evensmo Jacobsen, Trond Kvig Andreassen

NFI Delegation Mentors
Helen Prestgard, Klara Nilsson Grunning

NFI Representatives
Helen Prestgard, Rune Tellefsen


Palestinian Delegation

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Palestine Film Institute (PFI) is inviting Palestinian filmmakers to present their upcoming projects as a part of the Palestinian delegation to CPH:DOX. PFI is bringing filmmakers who are seeking to make the most out of their time in Copenhagen. PFI will facilitate their meetings curated for the delegation, and share their upcoming film projects with the international partners and the larger festival network.

Glib Lukiaanets, Mohammed Almughanni, Wafa Jamil

PFI Representative
Mohamed Jabaly


Québécois Delegation

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The Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) invites you to meet the Québécois Delegation. Since its creation, SODEC has taken on a leadership role to help Québec’s cultural enterprises thrive in a changing technological environment, where organizations must adapt to evolving markets, both at home and abroad. Following that mission, SODEC is working on building a strong documentary industry in Québec and is proud to present a delegation of dynamic producers who will participate in this year’s CPH:DOX’ industry programme.

Elodie Pollet, Giacomo Nudi, Guylaine Maroist, Isabelle Couture, Marie-Michèle Cyr, Mélanie Carrier, Kyoka Tsukamoto, Patricia Bergeron

Ananda Nicolaïeff, SODEC
Marie Morin, Délégation générale du Québec à Londres

Scottish Delegation

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Led by Scottish Documentary Institute and supported by Screen Scotland, the Scottish Delegation of producers, filmmakers, and financiers come to Copenhagen to connect with audiences and the industry, and to promote their films and Scotland as a first-class place for documentary filmmaking and co-production. Screen Scotland is the national body that drives the development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and TV industry, through funding and strategic support. SDI is a documentary centre specialising in training, production, and distribution.

Adam Dawtrey, Aimara Reques, Beth Allan, Finlay Pretsell, Mary Bell, Sinead KirwanSDI Representatives
Dani Carlaw, Flore Cosquer, Mark Thomas, Sarah Smyth

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Swiss Delegation

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SWISS FILMS, the national agency for the promotion of Swiss films and talents, invites you to meet the Swiss delegation. We are partner to Swiss producers and filmmakers to develop international strategies and to establish contacts with festival delegates, sales agents, and distributors. At CPH:DOX we would like to foster cooperation and networking with coproduction partners from Northern Europe. 

Franziska Reck, Franziska Sonder, Kaleo La Belle, Nadine Lüchinger, Sue Meures, Yan Decoppet

Swiss Film Representatives
Andreas Bühlmann, Charlotte Ducos


UK Delegation

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BFI Doc Society Fund and the British Film Institute are delighted to introduce our UK delegation at CPH:DOX. The BFI is the UK’s lead organisation for film and the moving image. Doc Society is the BFI’s delegate partner for independent documentary filmmaking; funding creative short and feature docs and building connections and opportunities for documentary filmmakers from across the UK.

Aleksandra Bilic, Anetta Jones, Glen Milner, Isra Al Kassi, Jackie Doyle, Katy Jenkyns, Liliana Grzybowska, Louisa Rechenbach, Martin Wallace, Rebecca Mark-Lawson, Sonja Henrici, Sorcha Bacon

UK Delegate Mentor
Charlie Phillips

BFI Doc Society Representatives
Fiona Fletcher, Hannah Bush-Bailey, Shanida Scotland