CPH:DOX annually welcomes delegations of documentary professionals from all around the world enriching our industry programme and benefitting from our specially curated networking events and tailored mentorship programmes.

The programme of each delegation is tailored for the specific needs of its members. Prior to the festival, delegation organisers can choose to offer their delegates individual mentorship and/or peer-to-peer support programme, guiding producers through the CPH:INDUSTRY programme, the international marketplace at large, and connecting them with relevant people and institutions.

Additionally, each delegation receives a number of curated roundtable sessions that connect participating producers with film financiers, broadcasters, sales agents, art curators, galleries, established international producers and impact bodies’ representatives, participating in the Industry programme.

For the 2022 edition, we were proud to welcome no less than eight international delegations with producers and filmmakers from Germany, Italy, Poland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt and a delegation of Doc Society’s New Perspectives Fund fellows. Find more information about each delegation and their delegates below.

To organise a delegation for CPH:INDUSTRY 2023, taking place during next year’s CPH:DOX festival 15-26 March, 2023, please reach out to ***** the latest by 1 December 2022.

Doc Society New Perspectives Delegation

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The Doc Society New Perspectives fellowship presents four filmmaking teams with feature length films in production, each embodying a spirit of creative freedom. The fellows were selected for their innovative storytelling ambitions, their exploration of co-creation in the nonfiction space, and their drive to deconstruct our understanding of documentary and rebuild it anew.

Doc Society New Perspectives delegation catalogue

Danielle Varga, Darcy McKinnon, Edwin Martinez, Felix Endara, James Gonçalves, Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, Sasha Wortzel, Set Hernandez Rongkilyo

Doc Society Representatives
Nikki Heyman, Maxyne Franklin

Please note: The Doc Society New Perspectives delegation will be participating online.

Egyptian Delegation

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The joint Egyptian delegation is presented by The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) and SEERA Films.

DEDI brings together Danes and Egyptians, enhancing their knowledge of each other’s culture and society and their mutual understanding of one another. Following our mission, we are happy to support seven Egyptian filmmakers to take part in CPH:DOX, nurturing collaboration and opportunities for co-production between Danish and Egyptian filmmakers.

SEERA Films supported by The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) has the mission to build a strong documentary industry in Egypt and connect filmmakers to established industry professionals, bringing to the screen stories of social relevance that are underrepresented and transcend boundaries.

DEDI Delegates
Ahmed Al Saaty, Ahmed Deiab, Amr Abed, Andrew Mohsen, Mayee Zayed, Sara Shazli, Shaza Moharam

SEERA Delegates
Aida Elkashef, Alaa Dajani, Hesham Ellabban

DEDI Representatives
Doaa Fayyad, Marwa Seoudi

SEERA Representative
Kesmat El Sayed


German Delegation

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German Documentaries invite you to meet the German delegation. An initiative of the AG DOK — the German Documentary Association and German Films Service + Marketing GmbH, German Documentaries presents German non-fiction films at international festivals and markets, organizes co-production meetings and film series, and publishes an annual catalogue featuring 200+ new films available for distribution worldwide.

Lena Karbe, Elina Kewitz, Jürgen Kleinig, Dirk Manthey, Arne Birkenstock

German Films Representatives
Björn Jensen, Julia Teichmann


Israeli Delegation

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CoPro invites you to meet the Israeli Delegation. For over 20 years, CoPro – The Israeli Content Marketing Foundation, is dedicated to the promoting the Israeli film industry and produces the annual documentary coproduction market in Tel Aviv. We are proud to attend CPH:DOX with a delegation of our finest filmmakers and producers with their projects.

Ariel Tagar, Hilla Medalia, Karin Kainer, Sagi Bornstein, Tal Barda, Udi Nir, Hedva Goldschmidt

CoPro Representatives
Pnina Halfon Lang, Justyna Gawelko

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Italian Delegation

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For the third year, Italy attends with an official delegation of professionals organized by ITA – Italian Trade Agency – the Governmental agency entrusted with promoting trade, business opportunities and industrial co-operation between Italian and foreign companies, in collaboration with Doc/it, the association of Italian documentary producers and filmmakers.

Italian delegation catalogue

Debora Desio, Adriana Chiesa Della Palma, Erika Scandone, Anna Di Toma, Parsifal Reparato, Gigi Roccati, Andrea Morghen, Elena Ciofalo, Francesco Piccinini, Ivan D’Ambrosio, Caterina Borelli, Enrico Parenti, Elisa Mereghetti, Filippo Ciardi, Laura Romano, Francesco Bizzarri, Giovanni Pellegrini, Enrica Capra, Martin Rattini, Cristiano Sebastianelli, Marta Zaccaron, Carolina Iorio, Patrizia Fregonese De Filippo, Luca Criscenti, Luca Ciriello, Filippo Macelloni, Ines Vasiljevic, Mario Nuzzo, Brunella Fili, Antonella Di Nocera, Fabio Saitto, Ilaria Belletti, Giovanna Stornaiuolo, Giulia Campagna, Federika Ponnetti

DOC/IT Representatives
Lucia Pornaro, Gianluca de Angelis


Polish Delegation

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Polish Docs Pro invites you to meet the Polish delegation. PDP is excited to support the presence of 7 Polish creative documentary projects in progress as part of the Polish delegation at CPH:Industry. Polish Docs Pro, run by the Krakow Film Foundation, is supported by the Polish Film Institute and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It focuses on the wide‑ranging promotion of the Polish documentary film industry at international events.

Stanisław Zaborowski, Edyta Wróblewska, Ewa Hoffmann, Eliza Kubarska, Katarzyna Kuczyńska, Marta Szymanowska, Marcin Borchardt

Polish Docs Pro Representative
Kasia Wilk

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Scottish Delegation

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Led by Scottish Documentary Institute and supported by Screen Scotland, the Scottish Delegation of producers, filmmakers, and financiers come to Copenhagen to connect with audiences and the industry, and to promote their films and Scotland as a first-class place for documentary filmmaking and co-production. Screen Scotland is the dedicated partnership for screen in Scotland and SDI is a documentary centre specialising in training, production, and distribution.

Aimara Reques, Anne Milne, Anthony Baxter, Clara Harris, Dani Carlaw, Grant Keir, Mark Thomas, Sinead Kirwan, David Smith

SDI Representatives
Flore Cosquer, Noe Mendelle

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UK Delegation

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Doc Society and the British Film Institute invite you to meet the UK delegation. The BFI is the UK’s lead organisation for film and the moving image. Doc Society is the BFI’s delegate partner for independent UK documentary filmmaking. The Fund supports creative features and short documentaries from UK filmmakers and facilitates a programme aimed at building connections and opportunities to the UK Documentary community.

Ed Owles, Lisa Brook, Pinny Grylls, Sam Crane, Suki Chan, Ciara Barry, Jeanie Finlay, Jennifer Corcoran, Rebecca Wolf, Zara Meerza, Edwin Mingard, Amanda Holiday, Awa Farah

UK Delegation Mentor
Natasha Dack-Ojumu

Doc Society Representative
Kate Moore