Following our beating hearts the projects uses an algorithm to extract and enhance the shifts in skin color from the pulsation of blood to create a new kind of documentary truth, visual effect and way of using shifts in the body to see a truth beyond our skin.

”Deep Truth” will look for truths that our bodies expose to us, that we cannot perceive with our own eyes, but that are visible through technology. We will use the camera and algorithm to see how they can expose and tell stories about things we cannot fake. We want it to touch hearts and work with a technology that plays with our notion of truth in images.

The starting point of the documentary Deep Truth is not a story or a character, nor from a place or an extraordinary event, but we start with a technology of enhancing shifts in video signals through an algorithm in Matlab. The method is called Eulerian video Magnification technology and is developed and available as open source code by the Video Magnification Department at MIT in Boston.



Jennifer Rainsford, Director & Producer