Film : Democracy

When the world is on fire, are burning films all we can do?

Noting the actual change requires more than packed screenings, the last day of the Conference will gather filmmakers – alongside their fellow citizens among civil society leaders, visionaries, and thinkers to discuss the possibilities of cinema to help build and strengthen democracy, freedom and equality for the world of tomorrow.


Friday, 24 March

Citizens Filmmakers

Documentary filmmakers play the role of “change agents” in society and their films advocate for social, cultural, political and legal change. The level of engagement in the issues their films are documenting, belongs to the biggest dilemmas in documentary practice. How to document political, social and humanitarian issues that determine the world we all live in – and when to stop shooting and move on to act upon them?


Friday, 24 March

Rise of Institutions

In face of the broken, unjust or insufficient systems they document, these filmmakers stepped-up their change-making game and proceeded to practical solutions of larger societal problems of knowledge, co-ordination and resources. Is the collective power of institutions the ultimate step in creating impact and will the world ever release the creative minds behind them back to an artistic practice?

Headliners revealed for this year’s CPH:CONFERENCE aiming to RESET!

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