Rita Martinos , Maria Herholdt Engermann, Fabian Driehorst/ Lebanon, France, Denmark, Germany

Haunted Healing follows the story of two siblings who have lost their father, in an immersive VR experience that aims to shed light on the topic of grief, and foster an understanding of the spectrum of emotions and coping strategies encountered in the grieving process.

Centered around a young Fay and her older brother August grieving over the loss of their father. Haunted Healing’s immersive journey brings audience members onboard as they help mend a broken butterfly in the style of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, symbolizing the uniqueness and beauty that comes with flaws and change. The story encourages the idea of taking grief not as a scar, but as a cherished memory that lives in our hearts. In addition to Fay and August’s experiences, real stories are narrated by diverse young people who have themselves faced loss, making “Haunted Healing” both an emotional journey and educational resource for those seeking support or a better understanding of the grieving process.

Rita Martinos

Co-Director / Co-Writer


Rita has worked internationally on TVCs, documentaries, corporate videos, and narratives. With roots in Lebanon and a journey around the world over the years before settling in Paris, Rita has produced works for major brands and has had projects aired on national and global networks, such as PBS, MBC, Discovery ID, and ARTE. She’s gained an expanding interest in the world of VR since 2019, and has since been actively exploring the beauty of and power behind immersive storytelling.

Maria Herholdt Engermann

Co- Director / Co-writer / Producer


Maria H. Engermann is a Danish XR producer and experience designer who has spent the past 6 years roaming the field of immersive media. With a background in film production, she is the founder of MANND, a XR studio production house based in Aarhus, Denmark. Her focus is directed towards the exploration and creation of cinematic VR and AR experiences that have an impact towards the further development of the medium

Fabian Driehorst



Fabian Driehorst is a producer of animation and VR. He is co-founder of the studio Fabian&Fred. His films won several awards, were nominated for Lola Annie Awards and shortlisted for the Oscars and European Film Awards. He is chairman of ASIFA Germany and member of the German Producers Guild, as well as member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the European Film Academy (EFA). International film schools, Cartoon Springboard, CEE Animation and Animation San Frontier invited him as an expert. In 2023 he became a mentor for Women in Animation (WIA).