COLLATERAL ECHOES is a new VR installation. It is concerned with the 150+ Black Britons who have died at the hands of the police since records began in 1969. Through sensorial renderings of archival images, artefacts and oral testimonies from those bereaved this work questions how personal commemoration might be experienced as a collective monument.

The audience will experience this artwork as a Virtual Reality experience with digitally rendered environments, 2D archival video with immersive sound design. The art aims to create living breathing portraits of people who have been killed after coming into contact with law enforcement.

The depiction of these absent subjects is the result of conversations with the families and friends left behind to cope with the consequences of such tragic events. Archival images, artefacts and oral testimonies provided by the surviving families will take an audience beyond the statistics, inquests, and miscarriages of justice, to build a human, poignant and esoteric commemoration. It is an exploration of recurring themes around mental health, the immigrant experience and racial injustice that are a constant presence throughout the recollections in this work.


Baff Akoto, Artist

Lidz-Ama Appiah, Producer