Copenhagen Film Festivals is restructuring the organisation

The three Danish film festivals CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and BUSTER will get a new shared management – as CEO Tine Fischer now takes over her new position as Director of The National Film School of Denmark. Niklas Engstrøm, currently Head of Programme at CPH:DOX, has been appointed Artistic Director and will work closely with a new Managing Director whom The Board is in the process of recruiting.

The Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals (CFF) is now ready with a plan that is going to ensure that the three biggest Danish film festivals will have a strong organisational and managerial structure in the future. Going forward, the festivals will operate with a new shared management structure, with the managerial tasks being divided between an Artistic Director responsible for the festival’s artistic vision and a Managing Director looking after the organisation’s financial and administrative operations.

Erik Stephensen, Chairman of the Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
Tine has managed to create one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals together with her colleagues at CPH:DOX. As Head of Programme, Niklas has been a central part of the organisation since the early years. With his insights and dedication, he will continue the work and maintain the high level of ambition that the Copenhagen Film Festivals are known for. We are now searching for a Managing Director who will work closely with Niklas and whose main responsibility will be to ensure the smooth running of the festivals moving forward.”

Tine Fischer won’t leave the festivals completely. Together with Ronnie Hansen, Head of Commercial at Danish Football Association (Dansk Boldspil-Union), she will take on a new role as member of the Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals which in addition to CPH:DOX also produces BUSTER and CPH PIX.

Tine Fischer, outgoing CEO of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
I am incredibly pleased with the fact that Niklas Engstrøm will be the festivals’ new Artistic Director. Niklas was one of my very first employees, and he is the right person to take the festivals forward. I am looking forward to collaborating with him and the new festival management in my new position, and I am equally excited about contributing as a newly appointed member of the Board.”

Niklas Engstrøm, new Artistic Director of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
It is strange and sad for me to say goodbye to Tine Fischer after having worked together closely for 18 years. But I am glad that the Board has confidence in me and that they believe I can carry on the work in the right spirit as Artistic Director. I am looking forward to the task and challenges, and I am confident that I can deliver – first and foremost because I have such an amazing team behind me. I believe that the new managerial structure is the right one and I am eager to find and start working closely together with our upcoming Managing Director.”

The position of Managing Director for Copenhagen Film Festivals has been advertised. You can read more about the opening here (in Danish).

Further information:

Sune Blicher, Head of Communications at Copenhagen Film Festivals, +45 3122 2661, *****

About Niklas Engstrøm

Niklas helped launch CPH:DOX together with Tine Fischer in 2003, and since then he has worked on turning the festival’s programme into a relevant, ambitious and exciting take on the world, appealing to both a national audience as well as the international film industry. In 2015, Niklas was offered the role of Head of Programme at CPH:DOX and since 2018 he has been a trusted member of Copenhagen Film Festival’s management. Photo: Emil Hartvig.

About Tine Fischer

Tine Fischer has been the festival director of CPH:DOX since founding the festival in 2003 and from 2018 she has been the CEO of the entire festival organisation Copenhagen Film Festivals that produces the three festivals CPH:DOX, CPH PIX & BUSTER. Tine Fischer has worked in different organisations in the film and media industry including the Danish Film Institute. Under her leadership, CPH:DOX has been praised for its innovation and artistic vision and has become one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals. In addition, Tine Fischer has been engaged in the continuous development of various Danish culture institutions as well as Danish culture policy through her work in various boards and networks.

About Copenhagen Film Festivals

Copenhagen Film Festivals produces three of the biggest film festivals in Denmark: the documentary film festival CPH:DOX, the feature film festival CPH PIX and the film festival for children, BUSTER. Under Tine Fischer’s leadership the three festivals were gathered under a new umbrella organisation in 2019. The organisation is located in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen.