Copenhagen Film Festivals appoints new Managing Director

The Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals (CFF) has appointed Birgitte Fredsby as Managing Director of the organization behind the three biggest Danish film festivals CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and BUSTER. From September 2021, Birgitte Fredsby – a former Head of Programming for Children & Youth at The Danish Broadcast Corporation – will be working in close corporation with Niklas Engstrøm who has been assigned as Artistic Director of the festivals.

With Birgitte Fredsby as new Managing Director, Copenhagen Film Festivals – the organization behind CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and BUSTER – has now implemented a new management structure ensuring that the film festivals can continue their ambitious development goals in the years to come.  

Following the departure of former CEO, Tine Fischer, Copenhagen Film Festivals will now operate with a new shared management structure. The managerial tasks will be divided between Niklas Engstrøm (Artistic Director), who will be responsible for the festival’s artistic vision, and Birgitte Fredsby (Managing Director) who will oversee the organization’s financial and administrative operations. The two directors will be working closely together. 

Erik Stephensen, Chairman of the Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
”With Birgitte Fredsby onboard, we have found a very talented and experienced Managing Director that combines creative business understanding with a deep insight in film production and management. We are confident that Birgitte Fredsby – in close collaboration with our new Artistic Director Niklas Engstrøm and the rest of the organization – can continue to develop and improve the festivals in a positive direction in the years to come.”

Birgitte Fredsby, new managing director of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
”I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the festival organization. One of the important tasks will be to ensure that the financial framework of our organization will be strengthened, so we can continue to offer our audiences the best possible film experiences in the future. Our film festivals have great potential and impact, because we’re presenting films with high artistic ambitions – films that can change the world; films that can start new conversations and create new spaces for dialogue across our society – for all ages.”

Birgitte Fredsby will begin her new position as Managing Director of Copenhagen Film Festivals in September 2021. Niklas Engstrøm has been Artistic Director of the festivals since May 2021. More information about his appointment is available here. 

Former CEO, Tine Fischer, has – starting from May 2021 – taken on a new role as member of the Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals. Together with Ronnie Hansen, Head of Commercial at Danish Football Association (Dansk Boldspil-Union).

About Birgitte Fredsby
In the last 10 years, Birgitte Fredsby has been working as director and creative partner of the Danish production companies We Love People and Made By Us. Before that, Birgitte Fredsby has been working as Head of Programming for Children & Youth at The Danish Broadcast Corporation where she has been responsible for media content for kids and youth, including the development and launch of the popular Danish tv-channel, Ramasjang.

About Niklas Engstrøm
Niklas Engstrøm helped launch CPH:DOX together with former CEO Tine Fischer in 2003, and has since then been working on turning the festival’s programme into a relevant, ambitious and exciting take on the world, appealing to both a national audience as well as the international film industry. In 2015, Niklas was offered the role as Head of Programme at CPH:DOX, and since 2018 he has been a trusted member of Copenhagen Film Festival’s management. 

About Copenhagen Film Festivals
Copenhagen Film Festivals produces the three biggest film festivals in Denmark: the documentary film festival CPH:DOX, the feature film festival CPH PIX and the film festival for children, BUSTER. The three festivals were gathered under a new umbrella organization in 2019. The organization is located in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen.   

Further information:
Sune Blicher, Head of communications, Copenhagen Film Festivals, +45 3122 2661,