The list of speakers below is preliminary and will be updated on a regular basis. 

Day 1: Science:Film

Explore the special relationship between science and film and meet the makers in the field.

The day is curated by:


Lars Rønnow Torp

Science Film Producer, Thin Green Line Productions, Copenhagen, Denmark


The days’ speakers are:

Anja C. Andersen,
Associate professor, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Denmark.

Noa Gafni,
Partner, Dalberg Media,
United Kingdom

Lance Gould,
Co-founder & Editorial Director,
The Silicon Valley Story Lab, USA.

Winslow Porter
Producer, Director, Creative technologist, USA

Momoko Seto 
Filmmaker, France

Stig Tackmann,
Managing Partner,
Dalberg Media, Denmark

Milica Zec,
Film & VR Director, USA

Kristian Moltke Martiny,
Postdoc at Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, Head of Psychological and Social Research at the Elsass Institute, Denmark

Day 2: Film:Tech

The second day of the conference is dedicated to new tendencies in the field between art, technology and social change.

The day is curated by:

Anna Higgs, Producer & Curator, United Kingdom

Anna is a producer and curator working at the forefront of storytelling and audiences. She crafts strategies to build immersive narrative universes that innovatively engage audiences. Anna’s career includes working as Creative Director at NOWNESS, Head of Digital at Film4 and in independent production. Her award-winning track record has seen her recently named one Creative Review’s Creative Leaders 50 and part of Time Out’s Culture 100.

Ingrid Kopp, Co-founder, Electric South, South Africa

Ingrid Kopp is a co-founder of Electric South, a non-profit initiative to develop virtual reality and innovative mobile storytelling projects across Africa. Ingrid also curates the Tribeca Storyscapes program for interactive and immersive work at the Tribeca Film Festival and is one of the producers of Immerse, a publication for Medium on emerging media. She is now based in Cape Town.

The days’ speakers are:

Jim Chuchu,
Visual Artist,
The Nest Collective, Kenya

Mads Damsbo,
Founder and Lead Producer, Makropol, Denmark

Yasmin Elayat,
Co-founder and Creative Director, Scatter, USA

Sarah Ellis,
Director of Digital Development,
Royal Shakespeare Company, United Kingdom

Robin McNicholas,
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast, United Kingdom

Annette Mees,
Head of Audience Lab,
Royal Opera House, United Kingdom 

Katy Newton,
User Experience Designer, Consultant, United States

Stuart Nolan,
Research Magician,
One Thousand Mindreaders, United Kingdom

Kamal Sinclair,
Director New Frontier Lab Programs, Sundance Institute,
Emerging Media Consultant, Ford Foundations’ JustFilms, United States

Eleanor Whitley,
Executive Producer,
Marshmallow Laser Feast, United Kingdom

Day 3: Exploring New Formats

The third day of the conference puts the spotlight on new platforms for documentary and new ways of reaching younger audiences.

Thom Powers, Artistic Director, DOC NYC; Documentary Programmer TIFF & Host of Pure Nonfiction podcast, United States

Thom Powers is the documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival; co-founder and artistic director of America’s largest documentary festival DOC NYC; and host of the podcasts Pure Nonfiction and WNYC Documentary of the Week. He created the screening series Stranger Than Fiction at New York’s IFC Center in 2005. Prior to that, he spent 10 years as a documentary filmmaker.

The days’ speakers are:

Benjamin Cotner, Director
Original Documentaries at Netflix, US

Julie Goldman,
Producer, Motto Pictures, United States

Sam Green,
Filmmaker, United States

Nicolette Nol,
Creative producer, KRO-NCRV/The Media Brothers, The Netherlands

Ian Roth,
Unscripted Lead, YouTube Originals, United States

Chapman & Maclain Way
Filmmakers, Los Angeles, USA.

Day 4: Film:Risk

The fourth day of our conference focuses on the safety of filmmakers, and on how their films reach active audiences and make a difference in authoritarian countries where human rights are neglected.

Beadie Finzi, Founding Director, Doc Society, United Kingdom

Beadie Finzi is a founding Director of Doc Society (formerly known as BRITDOC) – an innovative non-profit organisation founded in 2005 that works with the most inspiring independent documentary filmmakers all over the world. Beyond grantmaking, they stand in solidarity with filmmakers and work to unite them with new friends and allies, building new models globally.

The day is moderated by:

The day’s speakers are:

Jess Search,
Chief Executive, Doc Society, United Kingdom

Joaquin Alvarado Founder,
Studiotobe, USA.

James Brabazon,
Producer, Journalist, United Kingdom.

Helle Faber,
CEO, Producer Made in Copenhagen, Denmark

Callum McCrae,
Filmmaker and writer, UK

Prash Naik,
Media lawyer, media consultant and crisis management advisor, United Kingdom

Joanna Natasegara,
Film Producer, Violet Film.

Kim Pham,
Technical lead for the IREX SAFE Initiative, USA.

Sara Rafsky,
Safe + Secure Executive, Doc Society, New York

Gavin Rees,
Executive Director, Dart Centre Europe, United Kingdom

Day 5: Art:Film

Art:Film is dedicated to the festival’s extensive focus on the field between contemporary art and cinema, and to the meeting of theory and practice in the two worlds.

Toke Lykkeberg, curator, writer and director of Tranen

Toke Lykkeberg is a Danish curator, writer, consultant and director of the exhibition space Tranen. He has curated numerous exhibitions around the world such as the group shows Welcome Too Late (2017) at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in collaboration with CPH:DOX, the Nordic art biennial Momentum 8 (2015) and Co-Workers – The Artist as Network (2015) at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.