Raising awareness about environmental issues is no longer enough. Now is time for action and a shift in the storytelling of ecological stories. How are storytellers leading in the fight for a global Green New Deal and can the calls for action be more effective and at a bigger scale?
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Check in, check up!

Before we dive into the day’s discussions, let’s check in with ourselves to see where we’re at. In this fast paced warm up game, participants from across the audiovisual industry will share their own experiences, efforts and burning questions about sustainable storytelling in a warming world.


AC Coppens, Conference Co-Curator, The Catalysts


The Stories of Youth Climate Strikers

From impassioned speeches to viral social media campaigns, youth climate strikers are some of the most creative storytellers of our time. How do young activists see the power of speaking out, sharing stories, changing the narrative and inspiring new imaginaries—in their own words and pictures?


Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Founder, Fridays for Future Uganda, Uganda

Franz Böhm, Director, Dear Future Children, Germany


The Green New Deal: Decarbonising the Creative Economy

Europe is calling on creatives to shape a new vision for a fair and green continent. What is the responsibility of the Culture sector? How can institutions, companies and initiatives drive change? From production to distribution, we look at best practices within and beyond the audiovisual industry.


Moderator: Kathleen Schröter, Alchemist & Technologist, Journey 2 Creation, Germany

Roser Canela-Mas, Industry Sustainability Manager, Albert, BAFTA, UK

Lucia Milazzotto, MIA|International Audiovisual Market, Rome Film Festival, Italy

Jacob Bilabel, Founder, Akionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien, Germany

Lauriane Bertrand, Policy Officer, Sustainability and Greening, Creative Europe MEDIA


Creating Visions of a More Climate Just and Biodiverse Future

Artists are essential to imagining and building towards a more climate safe and just future. Let’s explore how creators and industry can move beyond the monoculture of past climate narratives, heal the deep polarization amongst our communities, and activate audiences who have often been ignored.


Moderator: Megha Sood, Head of Climate Story Unit, DocSociety, USA

Fatima Ibrahim, Co-Executive Director of Green New Deal UK

Michael Premo, Filmmaker, Storyline, USA

Maya Newell, Director/DP/Impact Producer, Australia


Climate in the News

Media outlets have a great responsibility in communicating the importance of addressing the climate emergency as the defining story of our time – not only to enhance public awareness but to mobilize for action. Recontextualization, resetting priorities and a shift in the language and narratives currently employed in the news media is necessary.


Moderator: Emily Atkin, Founder, Heated, USA

Amalie Kestler, Head of National Desk, Politiken, Denmark

Charlie Phillips, Head of Video, The Guardian, UK


How to Tell the Positive Climate Story

Climate storytelling is often accused of being on the negative side, creating a critical discourse with no hope or room for action. How do we tell positive climate stories while still addressing urgency? Documentary filmmaker and climate activist Phie Ambo will show clips from her new climate film ‘70/30’ and talk about the overall need for new narratives.


Moderator: Shanida Scotland, Head of Film, Doc Society, UK

Phie Ambo, Director, Viola Lucia Film, Denmark


Reconnect! Networking with Speakers and Festival Friends

In this informal networking session, we celebrate reconnection within the documentary filmmaking community and beyond. Reflect on the day’s discussions and films with fellow participants and speakers, catch up with colleagues, or take the opportunity to network with new faces you’ve seen throughout the day.